Love and Journal Pages

This is what’s currently on my desk. I’ve been having lots of fun working on random collage projects with drawing and journal doodling added in. None of it’s revolutionary stuff but it’s relatively new to me and something with which I’ve always been a little uncomfortable. I’m working on not worrying about doing it wrong. Starting to believe there really isn’t such a thing. I’m loving the no pressure projects!

There’s a great art supply/gift shop near our house so I can pick up a few things now and then. Typically I’m supposed to walk there when I need something to cut back on the random splurging but it was super foggy and we only had a few minutes before Sophy Bear pick up so I got chauffeured. Door to car service 🙂 I got this great oversized watercolor pad which I’m planning to use as a new collage/journal project. I’m hoping to keep up the playing a little every night. 3 pages drying after a watercolor wash. I’ve also been trying to do a little Project LIfe organization and not worrying about keeping up. It’s not all no pressure but a work in progress… lame pun totally unintended. :/
collage 12-13
This little monkey is getting bigger and bigger everyday. She’s stringing sentences together and tonight at bedtime I got “I love you Mommy” totally unprompted! The heart is not prepared for that level of love and joy. Extra kisses were given. Baby love!

Sophy in Monkey PJs

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