Hello blog, how I’ve missed you.

Sophy scooter 3

In the time we’ve been apart it’s been crazy. Settling in to Seattle, just to discover we’re not going to settle in and it’s time to think of an exit strategy, fall of 2015 is it! Major road trip, first with the toddler, for a dear friend’s wedding and a follow up to Sin City. All of it awesome. Visit to Seattle by beloved DFW’ers. Regular park visits, lots of cooking and baking, photo taking, project lifing… so much going on and the blog has seriously been neglected.

No more, I miss you. Photos were taken. Documentation after the fact can happen. You’re my happy place to share all the good stuff no one else cares about, like my love for my Silhouette Cameo, this could be an entire post by itself. Why I still love Xyron as my favorite adhesive option. How LuAnn is becoming my favorite housewife and is owning that reunion. Sigh. It’s good to be back.

It’s also scary how big this toddler’s getting. She has a lot to say about everything. She rejected her outfit this morning and demanded new options. Sigh. I’m also going to pretend I’m not desperate for central AC on this rare 90 degree day in Seattle. Most of the summer is beautiful but when it’s hot, it is really hot.

Now, I’m off for FaceTime with the grandparents and a cool bath with the toddler. We’ll pretend we’re back in the pool in Vegas. I’ve got pics. It was heaven. Prepare for major longing to pack the bags for the city of Sin. Or of cabanas, tasty frozen hot chocolate and pre-fall Ugg shopping. Heaven.

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  1. Maijalepore

    OMG-where the hell have I been?? I had no idea you moved to Seattle!! Your job or the hubby? I watch sweet little Sophie grow every day, yet I missed the move- yikes!! Wishing you so much happy in your new town. Until you move again…

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