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Be Brave


I think I’m going to finally work my way through Flora Bowley’s book this long weekend. I’ve been dying for an art retreat but it’s out of the budget for awhile so working through my massive art library seems like a decent substitute.

I’ve been putting anything painting related since I feel completely I talented in anything I think of as actually arty. But her blog and book have really been speaking to me lately so I think I’m going to go all in since I have a giant canvas, card table for outside, paint and nothing to stop me except a cranky toddler. She might get her own mini canvas!

I’ve got some Project Life catch up, Halloween wreath making and some jewelry gifts to do on the agenda as well. Can’t wait to jump in.

Note bracelet has been in my drawer for a long time but it’s been coming out more and more lately. It’s a new motto and accessory favorite thanks to Kelly Rae Roberts for making an awesome bracelet!

Happy Thursday!

Oh Hey Blog Thingy

Took an inadvertent two month hiatus while I was living life. Lots of family, work obligations, and toddler shenanigans have been at the for front lately.

Like rock throwing in the park.

And a new tricycle.

All exciting stuff. We’re easing back into our regular routine and I have an overly ambitious weekend “To Do” list:

1. Grocery Shop and meal plan for the week
2. Make progress in Project Life album that’s 5 weeks behind
3. Clear photos off of all cards
4. Organize craft room shelves
5. Get security tag removed from lawfully purchased pants
6. Visit park for swinging so toddler doesn’t lose her mind
7. Cookies for the freezer
8. Work baked goods for Monday
9. Clean bathrooms
10. Organize cookbooks

I’m betting we actually get to 1, 5 and 6 but I’m remaining hopeful!

Catch up posts for Sophy’s birthday and family visits should also be on the list but required manage 3. It’s a pyramid scheme this list making.

Travaasa Austin

I just did a quick getaway to Travaasa Spa and Resort in Austin. It was fantastic! I can’t recommend it enough. We were lucky to find a groupon to help offset some expense but full price would be totally worth it. Pricey, but worth it. Girls birthday getaway with lovely ladies.

Dinner at the resort restaurant was incredible as was the patio view. I had breakfast the next morning here as well and the view was even more spectacular.

My room was on the top floor with a private balcony. They also set the air conditioning to arctic so sleeping was heaven.

Sophy packed a friend for me so I didn’t get lonely.

Awesome infinity pool and lounging.

The view of countryside. Greatness.


Sick. Again.

I have no idea what the problem is but it’s exhausting and frustrating. I have several updates but I’m going to take a scalding bath, benadryl and hope for a better morning.

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s a quiet day at our house but with lots of tasty food planned and a little decking of the halls. I’m thankful for this little cutey everyday along with her Daddy who is also a cutey. I’m thankful for family and friends, that we have good jobs, house, cars, food and rarely consider the price of milk before purchasing. For a lot of people that’s a huge luxury and easy for us to take for granted. During this holiday season help out when you can with whatever you can do. Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween Party 2012 – Part 1: The Decorations

We had a Halloween Party on Saturday and it was fantastic. Great company who appreciated the tasty treats and cute kids who were just the perfect amount of cute and trouble making. Sort of the best part of kids really. They know they’re on the edge so they pull out the cute. I’m setting the scene with all the pics of the decorations pre-party. Follow up will include party goers. 🙂 
Well stocked bar with cute pumpkins on a stick. Also Absinthe that was not busted open so will have to find another appropriate occasion for it. New Years?
This is how you can tell we’re from the Midwest. We got this at the farm supply. 🙂
Village in our entry that we collected from the defunct Illuminations. I loved that store.
Halloween tree that took me forever to spray paint. It’s old school before everyone decided they should have a Halloween tree and they come out of the box black. Well, I can still “keep it real” with all my bitching that it took two weeks to cover that sucker.
Mantle with homemade pumpkin garland made with glass ornaments found at Paper Source for $13.00 a box. I seriously coveted these but they became out of stock and the price tag of $40 a strand was kind of ridiculous.
Savory table
Sweets table. It took 3 dozen cupcakes to just make that holder not look empty. It still wasn’t full!
Cute little decorations next to my favorite pic of Sophy and I taken the day she came home.

 Everyone needs a cute little Halloween wreath and since we have a Trader Joe’s I was able to pick one up for under $15 bucks  –  Ignoring the pumpkins constantly falling into the floor and desperately holding on to the cuteness.

Next up, party guests!

Shiny Preciouses…

Some of the goodies I’ve gathered for my class. Some I had but a fair amount have been acquired via Etsy and a local bead show. I’m unbelievably excited about Beadfest at the end of the month and am saving my pennies!

These are fur clips I got in Omaha when I was there for Silver Bella. I cleaned out their stash and have used several in other pieces. I have a couple more that didn’t make the cut for pictures apparently.

Lots of sparkly goodness. Also, little desk space to make more pretties so cleaning this up will be added to the weekend to do list. I was also obsessed with the bone pieces and Rolland scooped them all up for me. He also found them in the case. Seriously, give that man a list of “be on the look out for” items and he can find anything!


Metal flowers I’ve been collecting since Deryn showed us how they could be awesome which was timely since I think something similar will be great for a design I’m working on for a friend.