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When to Call a Professional

So I’m a little behind in my Project Life. By 3 months, but let’s keep it moving. Anyway, I’m still loving project life, life is just causing delays in said documentation, and one of my favorite things about being behind is I can order some of the prints from a professional print service and I’m very excited at the prospect of having super good photos. My printer does a pretty good job yet it’s just not quite the same. How can I not have some super awesome prints for this?

Sophy carousel pout

My all time favorite printing service is Mpix and I’ve rhapsodized about them previously but it’s a strong enough love I feel ok continuing to profess it. Yet, I’ve taken my photos to a different service and feel the need to purge my guilt. Shutterfly has no issues with giving away the goods.For free. FREE. I’m the mother of a toddler living in an expensive city with an expensive craft habit and several more shopping monkeys on my back. I cannot pass up free. I’ve mentioned free right? So, this latest shipment was of 50 4×6 prints, 2 5×7 prints, 1 8×10 and 25 photo cards. I paid $10 in shipping and taxes. People, I cannot tell you how much it pains me to step out on my photo service of choice but that is a good deal. I also ordered a photo book of our road trip (2 actually) and saved over $75 bucks on said book. I still paid $70 but again, let’s not linger on that. I’m ashamed my loyalty is for sale but not enough to not take advantage of my free goodies and run. Said points were accumulated by my beloved husband stockpiling pampers points and coke rewards. I actually had a coke rewards expire and I’m still traumatized by it.

The entire point of this is to say, I will put up with a sub-par UX and divided loyalty if you’re willing to buy my love. I feel better for getting this out there and sharing my shame.

Also, any other super good deals I should be made aware of ASAP?

Note: Yet again none of this pimping of product was purchased by anyone but if this post does nothing else, it clearly makes you aware of the fact I’m easily bought by free goodies.

Project Life Week 1 & a1/2

My week 1 pics with our trip to Gas Works Park and around Seattle shots. I’m also counting last Sat as the first page for this week and our Mt Rainier trip.





Clearly the mess on the bed is not sustainable for long term computer/printer. It shares an outlet with my iPad mini and lamp which is why I’m doing this post via iPad and my computer battery is dead! Oy. I’ve got to get it all organized but loving this so far.

Project Life Kick Off


I’ve started getting my album and pages ready since Project Life starts this week. I’ve decided to do weekly layouts and add more pages for an individual day or week if there’s something super exciting going on. Likely several pages if we travel or have visitors. I want to try and keep it simple. We’ll see how it goes. I have a tendency to try and take on/over complicate projects which then leads to irritation and exhaustion followed by abandoning the project entirely. Simple = completion! I’m also planning to use as many existing supplies as I can and finally see what I’ve got on hand. I think I’m down by about 90% in terms of what I used to have after the first purge pre-Sophy when we converted extra room into the nursery then with the move to Seattle. I may breakout the rubber stamps. Old school!

I’ve also managed to get 2/3’s of my watercolor album pages painted with the base coat. I did the first couple with watercolor washes but it really was too much water and warped the pages. After that, I’ve stuck with acrylics and thinned with glazing liquid. No warping and much more vibrant color.

Now I just have to shake my latest illness, I’ve been sick nearly the entire time we’ve been here, and start planning some fun family goodness. If we’re all well, we may venture over to Vashon on the ferry. First ferry ride for everyone except me and I haven’t been on one since I was very little. May head back to Gasworks park. Sophy loved it and tons of photo ops!

Happy Pre-New Year!