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New Year

Still trying to get over my never ending cold/respiratory stuff that I’ve had since we moved here. Finally got cough medicine with codeine to help with the nightly coughing and no sleeping but the rest of the consultation was irritating. Even though I’ve been sick for 3 months, the best advice from the physician’s assistant was to use a Neti Pot. I did not find this helpful. Oy. I did feel a little better today, no Neti Pot so I’m going with the narcotic as big help, so we ventured out for some New Year’s pictures. It’s also perfect for Project Life kick off!

The background is a great overlook, that will be prominently featured in family photos from now on, that’s near the house and has a gorgeous view of the city. It was a little overcast but luckily not raining or freezing cold. A few really cute ones but Sophy’s window is pretty narrow for sitting still for photos so the pics with me were a little iffy.

Sophy and Daddy overlook 1-1-14 2 Sophy funny face overlook 1-1-14Sophy Mommy hugs 1-1-14 Sophy rules 1-1-14Free as a bird journal page 12-31-13 Rare Bird 12-31-13

Totally unrelated I need an Mpix promo desperately! I have a million pics I need to order.

Baby Love


Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

It’s been pretty quiet around here with Sophy doing a tour with Granny and Aunt Anita to see the peeps. The outing included a trip to the “beauty shop” and I’m hoping for a professional bang trim. My last attempt was a little wheels off. We went for a quick antiquing run sans toddler and had some success with random animal pottery that will go into storage until we live somewhere crazy roomy again.

Mostly, I’ve been thankful the Sophy Bear has been super lovey this week. Lots of kisses and snuggles without prompting. Major heart expanding moments. Seeing her all lovey with the baby may induce a tear or two. She’s the best. EVER.

Hope your pre-turkey day has been fantastic.

Thanksgiving Vacation Begins!

We rented a house outside of Branson, Missouri for the week and have been settling in. We hung out with Hubby’s family yesterday and my fam is in today staying with us. It’s blended family time from here on out with turns being taken at spoiling and overindulging Sophy. We’ve had a few time outs but for the most part she’s been awesome.

The trip was initially a little rock as we woke to a 4am flight cancellation on Sunday morning due to an ice storm in Dallas. After losing my poop for 30 seconds, American got us rerouted through Chicago and we made it on Sunday only a few hours later than originally planned. Woo hoo! Truthfully, I’m not sure a long delay in DFW would’ve been a good idea. I’ve been crazy homesick and likely to bolt at the airport.

water over the road


Sophy and the fish tank

Sophy by rocks 11-26-13

We’ve already crammed in lots of fun as shown above. Lots more to come plus crazy legging limit testing foodie goodness. Yay, turkey day! Bring on the bird and pie.



Seattle Sunset

View from my office building which is pretty awesome. The weather has gotten colder but beautiful. Sunny with blue skies seems to be a rarity here. We’ll take it as we still try to settle in.

I’ve got 1 tree up and a collage drying to turn into ornaments. Full on holiday madness has hit the Huff house. We’re also slightly crazed as we try to organize for thanksgiving. Madness but I love it. I’m hoping we can actually find all the trees and ornaments.

So tired I’m heading to Ned but wanted to do a quick post. I’ve missed my blog!

Happy Valentine’s Day

My Sweetie and I did a quick Valentine’s Exchange this morning, he got his present last week, and I tried to be good and stick with the card. He went wild and I got a gorgeous ring and a card from baby Sophy! I got a little misty. We have a dr’s appt this afternoon and I’m hoping she’s making progress on her delivery date. Tonight, nothing says a day of love in our house like BBQ so we’re heading out for pig for dinner! It’s already an awesome day – I know how lucky I am and I try to be grateful everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy New Year

I’m most thankful for my husband and our baby (she’ll be here soon!) in 2011 and in 2012. I hope 2011 was everything you wanted and 2012 brings you more!

… and without the mustache because the mustache is weird.

Happy New Year!

Gearing up for Valentine’s Day

I’m just getting started in the blogging world but it’s really exciting to have a format to talk about art with other artists across the country, or across the world, it makes you aware of how small the world really is! My latest project has been to create Valentine’s cards. Our family live in the Midwest … and it can be a half-mile to mile hike for hubby’s relatives so they’re very excited to find something other than bills and junk mail! I’ve attached two of my favorite cards so you can see the sort of romantic theme I picked for this year. Last year was very geometric, I went a little more traditional this year.

My husband made some boxes/shrines for me to alter so that’s my next project, I’ll keep you posted!