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Halloween Comes Early at the Huffs

I’ve had it in my head that I wanted to make a Halloween wreath. Yes, I’m aware of the date but I would not be deterred. After two trips to Michael’s, where I stocked up on all things that were glittered and thankful for lots of coupons and store discounts, I was left with this pile of random. IMG_5725.JPG
I had wanted to find some vintage style masks and wire them to a wreath, add a ribbon and call it an afternoon but Archie McPhee’s let me down in a big way. I found the felt Frankenstein and decided that was as good as it was going to get.

After first thinking I had seriously over purchased, I made this:
IMG_5727.JPG and only have 4 different Halloween stems left. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Sophy declared “I love it!”

My work here is done.

Note: this wreath is hanging INSIDE the house until at least late Sept. No reason to advertise the crazy.








Halloween in Seattle was pretty awesome.

The Weds before Halloween Sophy’s school had a full on parade with a tour of the fire station across the street. That crew was super patient with the kids and parents tromping through the station. Our little zebra abandoned the class for her parents early on. She was more interested in Daddy’s phone than the fire truck.

On Halloween day, Rolland brought Sophy to my office for Amazon trick or treating. It’s fantastic since you get books and candy!

The actual trick or treating in our neighborhood was almost nonexistent. We bought candy based on Texas numbers and that was crazy over purchasing. We would get over a hundred and this year we had about ten! I think they do a lot more community activities here rather than house to house? Note for next year!

Also my settling in to Seattle post was eaten by the intranets. I’m really hoping that’s not a theme!

Dallas Arboretum – Pumpkin Village

Continuing the trend, these are LAST weekend’s pics from our outing to the arboretum with some friends. I posted most of the photos on Facebook (Mom, yours were via email :)) so I think the intranet is fully blanketed it with Sophy’s adorableness in pumpkin village. I don’t care. She’s pretty adorable!The kid knows how to pose.

This weekend was not picture rife as we went to the Beadshow. Disappointing. And Northpark for pants for Rolland. Not disappointing but not picture worthy either. Sophy and I are both a little under the weather so we’re laying low and resting up. Rolland did venture out last night to the parade on Oak Lawn but I have no pics of that either. Next year I think we’ll venture out as a family. Definite pictures then. Happy Sunday!

Halloween Party Pics: The Guests

So the only pics I didn’t get are ones of us. Oy. I only managed glimpses of Rolland but I promise he was there!

JJ and Sophy
Andrew and Sean had some baby time. To be fair, Nolan is in fact his baby so he was really being a total baby hoarder and not spreading the baby love. But I did get in some snuggles with the cutie. Sophy didn’t care. She was OBSESSED with Sean. JJ, Sean’s wife, called him Sophy’s boyfriend. Super cute.
Sophy in her devil costume for about 2.5 mins. I am choosing to not post the outraged angry baby pics.
Full size shot of Sophy
The Siegel’s in super cute pirate and parrot wear. Seriously adorable.
Elizabeth and Devin. Mother nature and her little ladybug were beyond cute.
Group pic but Mae is primarily featured. Cutest little cowgirl Jesse.
Jeff and Randall. Jeff was incredibly authentic in his costume. Randall was incredibly patient with Jeff and his costume. 🙂
Randall and Eric. Eric and I bonded over our love of Ina Garten and the love of orange tulips.  I’ve invited them over one weekend for patio dining with a Barefoot inspired meal. Jeff and Rolland can talk movies. Randall, Eric and I will talk food tv and decorating.
Mark, Kristen and Rolland’s ear. Ugh. They were super cute and patient with the posing. I took a great pic of Mark and his wife Robin with the polariod but missed the point and shoot opportunity. I’m still working on the entertaining juggling. Next time, I’m setting out cameras for folks so they can get in on the fun.
See, I wasn’t exaggerating. She LOVES him. Sound asleep after lots of giggling and playing with Nolan.

Sophy and I. Cute little hat from Target. I was a Steampunk, Hogwart’s scullery maid/witch. IE odd choices thrown together but I mentioned costumes and was therefore required to think of something! Also, I had super cute grey skirt I’ve been trying to work out a good reason for wearing. Of course you can’t see it so you just have to believe me, it’s fabulous.

Since I’m a weekend behind, by next weekend I should have pics of Saturday’s visit to the arboretum with The Siegel’s. Never again visiting outside of first thing in the morning but cute baby photo ops were had.

Boo season is here!

We’re starting to break out the Halloween decorations and spent most of this evening on the village. I’m a little worried when Sophy can walk and pull on things that the village could be at risk like a Japanese city with a giant lizard approaching. I’m refusing to think about it until next year.

This is just the tip of the iceberg so more pics in the next few days! Note: I left the orb in the left corner just for my brother. Other note: I in no way think this is an orb but he does and if it makes him happy then more power to him.

Fall, Fall, Fall

I’m officially calling it fall here in the Lone Star state even if it is still near 100 degrees. I’m steadfastly ignoring the thermometer and starting to plan for cooler temps. Whether they actually arrive is entirely beside the point.

We started today with what I consider to be a fall movie favorite which is You’ve Got Mail. It does kind of span the seasons but it starts with the famous “bouquets of sharpened pencils” which officially puts it in the fall camp for me. Next up would be the first Harry Potter and Practical Magic but I tend to wait until closer to October and Halloween decorating.

I’m dreaming of the mercury glass pumpkins at Pottery Barn but at $40 a string it’s tough. Still on the debating list. They really would look fantastic on the mantle with the silver mercury glass and gold picture frames. Hmmm, maybe if I save my lunch money.

What are you dreaming of for fall?

Halloween at Canton

I took an unintentional hiatus on blogging but I’ve been stocking up on the photos and outings so I should be back in the blogging saddle! So I’ll just jump right back in. 🙂

Since I’ve signed up for Artsy Mama’s swap I’ve been thinking about all things Halloween.

Turns out, I’m right on schedule according to the dealers in Canton. Here are a few pics of the awesome Halloween merchandising they had going on.

So this one isn’t really Halloween but I love the neon arrow pointing to the fudge sign. As if we needed a sign!

My friend Bo (the girl) and I made the trek out to Canton. She’s a lifelong DFW girl and had never been before so I felt duty bound to make sure she had the full experience including roast corn and the giant corn dog. We had a terrific time! I highly recommend it most anytime although I try to avoid the hottest months of the summer since the thousands of people crowding into the barns can make it even more sweltering and as I’m a delicate flower it’s just not for me.

Next post, best ice cream. Ever!

Spooky Charm Swap

I had a terrific weekend with my family in town. We hit all the fun McKinney has to offer and then some! I’m still working on getting those pics off the card. In the meantime, I’ve posted some timely pics of my Spooky Charm swap. The idea was to create a charm around our favorite Halloween story or trick or treating experience. For me, I’m a classicist and it’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow all the way. I used a cabinet card that looked the most like a nerdy scarredy cat but kind of sweet – my idea of what Ichabod might look like. Add in a little photoshop help, some vintage wall paper with some fun details like the date the story was first published and you’ve got yourself a new take on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I love the vintage/retro feel off this one, if I do say so myself! 🙂