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Weekend Recap

Sophy’s school had a bake sale last week with some offerings that included princess toppers. As you could imagine, she had to have one immediately and would not be appeased. I sent Rolland out to find something to stick on the top of a cake and this was our best option in West Seattle. 


She loved it, the cake not so much as I took a flyer on a recipe from Baking with Less Sugar and I made it gluten free. We’ll call it an experiment gone awry.

Someone got a sassy new haircut uping the cute 1000%.     More cooking with homemade sausage I loved but Rolland found a little too Italian sausage and not enough Jimmy Deanesque. I used the recipe from Bon Appetite that I can’t find online. I also made a cherry pie using Tartine’s flaky tart dough. Canned filling was requested and was apparently approved.

As always, I wished it was longer and the weather was shockingly beautiful. I’m ready for another one. With better cake.


Today is my birthday, 41st to be exact, and it’s been fantastic!

It started with a day trip to Portland on Saturday for a visit to Powell’s bookstore, lunch at On the Border, and then quick hops to lots of good places like Cargo and Collage. We made a few more stops at K.Marie and Enchante in Milwaukie, Oregon and Candy Babel in Portland but I’m being lazy about linking. They are pretty awesome though. Collage and Cargo were my very favorites though with tons of stocking up on project life and art goodies.

kokeshi at cargo cargo birthday lunch OTB

Today was an early dismissal at work so Rolland and I could catch a movie without toddler. We saw Captain America: Winter Soldier and I loved it. I miss regular movie goings so we’ll have to work out some more lunch dates for attending. Movie and mall were great for an afternoon date. We picked up the toddler and headed for Uneeda Burger. Sooo yummy! If you’re in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle I highly recommend it. It was 77 degrees and sunny so we sat near the open garage door munching on fried cheese curds, burgers, and fries… not much more I could ask for and 41 has turned out to be lovely. Can’t wait to see what else the year has in store!

B&w family selfie

A Year of Self-Improvement

So I’ve been surprised at how little I’ve enjoyed the move so far. With that, I’m working on doing some things I’ve always wanted to do. And some things I just need to do! I signed up for weekly yoga and have been getting regular massages. All of that with the walking and I’ve been feeling better but have a long way to go for some physical goals I’ve set. We’re also cooking at home more which helps cut out some of the unhealthier options.

I’ve had Book & Larder on my must visit list. I signed up for the wait list for the croissant class and they just added one in February! Super excited. It’s also next to my favorite burger place, Uneeda Burger. YUM. I’ve expanded my nightstand reading with more cookbooks. I’m loving Relish by a Daphne Oz. I was initially skeptical as she’s fairly perky on The Chew but it’s really informative and fun. Casually approaching health without the preaching which I appreciate. We’ve had some mixed results with Pinterest which has been 50/50 so far. I’m hoping more cookbook guidance increases the success ratio.

In 2014 I’ve committed to Project Life and documenting each week. I’m signed up for another Snap Shop class for my DSLR to help learn how to use the fancy camera. Really excited! Lots of plans for gifts next Christmas. Just FYI! I get such better results and Soohy pics are a favorite with the fam. Mpix promo codes are on my wish list for Valentine’s Day! I’ve got some pics I want for framed pics. I’m also going to work on the 2013 family book. I want to include the full year. Uhm, I’m going to need to add Blurb promo codes to the wish list as well!

Another class with gifting potential is Ruth Rae’s class. I thought about signing up for the weekend but I hate being away from the toddler! I haven’t been doing much with jewelry lately so this should be fun. I’ve mostly been playing with collage and building my supplies back up. If anyone has suggestions for collage supply options in Seattle I’d love to hear ’em.

I’m building up the “to visit” list and hope to make it feel more like home soon. Sophy and I are exploring tomorrow for last minute Christmas errands. Girls day! Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Note: I forgot I signed up for a child nutrition class from Stanford Online! I’m kinda nervous! It’s Stanford! Oy!

Weekend Round Up

Sophy had a fantastic time with Aunt Anita and Granny. She was more than happy to share how she’d like everyone to behave for pictures. Lots of snuggles and adventures on Friday while Mommy and Daddy were at work. Lots of shopping and tasty food and just hanging out.

The willing babysitters meant we ventured out for a movie, Elysium, which Rolland loved and I found meh. We did see it at the new DFW Alamo Drafthouse and I really wanted to love the theater but it was also just meh. It was 108 out and felt like it was 98 in the theater. The food was pretty tasty though. I had a baked pretzel with hatch chile queso… yum. It was disappointing when eaten next to someone smelly. Ick.

Monday we caught up on Top Chef Masters. I’ve been hoarding episodes. I’m really enjoying Francis Lam as a guest. He was a favorite on Cooking Channels “Unique Eats” and “Food(ography)“.  I’m also ready for Sang to get off my TV. I usually love TCM more than Top Chef just because everyone’s established and plays nice. There’s always somebody who’s kind of an ass (Michael Chiarello) but this is usually rare. I love the camaraderie and the season with Jonathan Waxman will always be a favorite. This year feels a little more bitchy.

Finally, we’re caught up on visits for a while so it’s time to start the crazy “to do list“. Pray for me.

Five on Friday

Five on Friday meet up at a. liz

5. I just saw this burger on Dinner with Julie and feel like the guy on the Geico commercial with his mind blown! It’s a burger with a babybel cheese wheel inside. How did I not think of that?! This looks super tasty. May have to make these this weekend.

4. My in-laws are in town this weekend so we’re contemplating a movie while we’ve got a visiting babysitter. Jobs looks really good so does Lee Daniel’s The Butler but I’m not sure I want to be that serious and grown up. There’s always Kickass 2 or The World’s End. We also have the new Alamo Drafthouse to consider!

3. And if we’re going to a movie we need dinner. Dinner with no throwing of crackers or demands to be “put down”. Nice. I keep a list of restaurants in the notes section of my phone for a quick reference. It helps with the “where do you want to eat” question. A funny kind of movie deserves a little tasty goodness like Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dog. I’ve seen it’s tasty goodness via instagram feeds but haven’t tried it out. We’ve also lived here a long time and haven’t tried out Hattie’s in Bishop Arts. That might move to the top of the list.

2. With the family in town, there’s also likely to be some shopping for the toddler. I usually pick up a few things (or a lot), even when her closet is already busting out. The new Peek collection is crazy cute. The Tea collection also adorable. And finally, you can never go wrong with mini-boden. You’ll likely go broke, but not wrong.

1. The State Fair of Texas signs are up! School started! Football is starting! It’s Fall, it’s fall, it’s fall! Well, it’s 105 here this weekend but I can feel fall!

Random Weekend Goodness

Sophy’s new favorite item.

She demanded her new hat when we were strolling through Target on Friday night. Girls night! Daddy took us to dinner then went home to mow while we hit Target visiting all the girly sections. Mostly those that interest a toddler. I’m not sure he didn’t have more fun sans his ladies. We can be a handful. I know. It’s a shock.

Going for a ride in the convertible. Might play some ball while she’s at it.

Cutest baby ever. Please ignore the lack of back fence.We’ve complained to everyone we can think of and still no fence. At least they mowed earlier this week. I’m pretty sure small children and dogs had been lost in those weeds. Ugh.

Uhm, I was wrong. This might be the cutest baby.

Wait, maybe this one. Also, my herbs have gone crazy with the rain. Nope, above is my favorite. Look at those cheeks. And eyes. And smile. SO CUTE I could die.  To paraphrase Despicable Me. I can’t wait until she’s ready for cartoons. She’s toe dipping with Peppa Pig.


Miss Robin took pity on us and watched Sophy on Saturday night while we ran wild. And by wild we pre-ordered movie tickets for Red 2 and went to dinner. It was Heaven! I’m actively working on figuring out how to be Helen Mirren when I grow up. Or at least get her clothes and accent. She’s amazing. Love! Rolland found it good but liked the first one better. I loved it equally as well and can’t wait to do a Red marathon.

We also crossed off one of the many restaurants on my list around Dallas. The British Beverage Company. It seemed like a good casual option for Rolland’s birthday dinner as he requested nothing fancy. The food was super tasty, except the mac and cheese, not so yummy. Sophy rejected it as well and that baby loves any kind of pasta covered in cheese. The fish and chips, outstanding. As was the french onion soup. Soooo good. Rolland loved his Cottage Pie and Brussels sprouts cooked in Angry Orchard Cider. Yum. We got there about 7:30 and thought it might be getting crowded but pretty empty. Crowds have much later bedtime than we do. Would highly recommend a visit.

Fish and Chips
French Onion Soup
Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert, and babysitting pay off. I wanted to visit the cupcake ATM but the line was nuts. Turns out, the line inside was worse but once you’ve squeezed in you’re committed. Tasty but totally not worth it. I just don’t want to turn on my oven. Starting my chant for Fall, Fall, Fall…

Birthday and Le Creuset Greatness

Yesterday was Rolland’s birthday so went to the new Texas Land and Cattle Co. in Allen. It’s the “fancier” version. Truthfully, it was a little fancy but not so much that I worried about Sophy. This was her dinner. Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft) with creamed Parmesan spinach. Spinach was in place of applesauce and our server couldn’t believe she preferred this to applesauce but she did. She ate the sauce like soup.

This was my selection. You get to pick the meat for the entree and then the rub/spice and sauce option. I went with salmon, truffle salt and Bearnaise sauce. Holy smokes it was good. Garlic confit in the mashed potatoes was a big hit too. This is quickly becoming a new favorite meal. Their version was yummy. In the blurry background is Rolland’s steak with cheese grits. Those grits were fantastic.

Sophy showing off her spoon skills. She switches hands but she really is right handed so that often goes much better. Gotta love her persistence though.

After dinner we came home to find this box on the step.

With this inside.

To reveal my new saucier pot!

A few weeks ago, there was apparently an incident where my Le Creuset chocolate pot fell, nearly braining the baby, and Rolland deflected it to the floor where the non-enamel handle broke with some enamel chipping off the pot itself. The details around the falling of the pot are sketchy. As I wasn’t here at the time, he was able to formulate a game plan which included us hot footing it down to Williams-Sonoma when I got home. We were pretty sure they no longer made the pan (they don’t) but a suitable replacement was found. My super smarty husband mentioned the incident to the salesclerk and she suggested we contact them since there’s a lifetime guarantee for their products. He did and they sent this.  All we had to do was send in the broken one ($20 bucks in shipping) and viola! New saucier in Marseille blue.

Smarty pants is forgiven.

Blog Note: Neither TXLC or Le Creuset asked me to pimp out their products, although I’m not opposed to free goodies that I love and offer tasty goodness. This wasn’t the case here.

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was lovely with some tasty goodness. I forgot to take pics of lunch yesterday but Babe’s was awesome. Rolland had the fried chicken but I went with smoked. So good. I could’ve also eaten my weight in mashed potatoes. This was breakfast this am at Jonathan’s. Rolland’s fancy egg dish was yummy but my biscuits and gravy not so much.

Sophy was very happy to greet everyone

At the bead show she had plenty of friends. She wears the monkey backpack when she wants to roam. She got tired and apparently still needed to snuggle.

Friday night yoga was pretty tough and I ended up wonking up my back a little. Upside was I had trouble sleeping and finished some new pieces. This one is a vintage metal flower with a non-working rhinestone clasp stringing swarovski creamrose pearls. The actual clasp is a vintage eye. I kind of love it.

This piece was super easy. I trimmed all the pin backs off and sanded it down. Drilled two holes and attached vintage rosary chain with a clasp. Love that blue.

I had a hankering to make a fabric bead and use up my leftover oblong beads. This one has a great boho kind of feel with no clasp since it’s fairly long. I added extra length with the vintage rosary chain. The silver beads add just a touch of sparkle.

And finally, the loot from the show today. It was super small but I had a budget and stuck with only those things I had kind of in my mind for new projects. I was loving all the pyrite and got a few different sized beads, skull beads, and rose carved beads. Swoon. I can’t even begin to convey my love for the quartz stones. New favorite beads in the bead chest.

Five on Friday

I saw this over on Elefantitas Alegres and decided to be a big ol’ joiner and participate. The meet up is at A. Liz Adventures.
My Five 
1. Trader Joe’s yogurt squishers  and a super cute toddler. These, yogurt not toddler, are super cheap and as we found out last night, perfect when frozen (smart husband) for a teething toddler on a hot summer night. Also, it blends in nicely when dripped on her chair. Side note: I could put this adorable little toddler as an item in all 5 since she is the bestest. Real word. Anyway, these yogurt squishers are normally just a big squishy thing of yogurt that can be a giant mess. When frozen, healthier popsicle. Ideally, half that size is best but now that I know that I’ll just cut them in half (while frozen seems prudent) and put the other half back in the freezer. That’s how you do it in these fiscally conservative times. 
Trader Joe’s has a lot of family favorites that deserve their own post at some point.
2.  All things jewelry related. I’ve made a few new pieces this week (this one and this one and a couple with no photos yet) and have the creative juices flowing. I’ve got two pieces in progress and another 2 brewing on the back burner. I’ve been gathering a ton of inspiration and have noticed a turquoise trend going. Will have to add some more projects to brew list.
3. With all of this jewelry making, I’ve been obsessed with the West Wing again. I’m starting Season 4 and deep into re-election campaigning. Last episode of Season 3 was tough. I knew it was coming… sob. Anyway, sooo good. Major West Wing love and it’s amazing how many issues going on now are still relevant. The questions and issues they’re tacking via fiction, are pretty real and relevant now. Maybe this is why I have to watch while making something pretty. :0
4. Local food joints. We’re trying to eat at home more and save the food budget, now that we’ve gotten around to having a food budget, for a few super tasty treats out vs regular helpings of meh. This weekend I have a couple on my list. First up is Babe’s, that everyone has been talking about forever, but I have yet to try out. So after swimming lessons, we’re hitting the chicken and Costco. I know. So glamorous. Then Sunday, as bribery to drive my ass to Ft Worth and look at beads he couldn’t hate more with me while wrangling a toddler, I’m taking Rolland to Jonathan’s Oak Cliff in hopes it’s tasty enough to forget the imminent hell awaiting him. They have a build your own Bloody Mary Bar! What more could I offer? Also, it’s a tie-in with the jewelry making and more bead hoarding. On a budget.
5. Yoga. So, I had this hip thing going on for a long time and finally mentioned it to my new doctor. Love Dr. Bonny! Turns out, the muscles are too tight and have gone all wonky. She suggested I hightail it to a yoga class if I wanted to avoid physical therapy. Sophy’s school has a Wee Yogi’s program – and that name is adorable – which I was checking out at the same time since I’m kind of self conscious about attending a group class. So now I’m doing a weekly private class with Abby. Who is awesome. I’m loving it. The goal is to work on some specific areas then hit the group classes. Although my usual Sat morning got rescheduled for tonight and I may just fall asleep in the meditation.
And finally… it’s Friday! Woo hoo!

Chinese Lantern Festival

I was looking through my camera at the photos for our Seattle trip and found all of these… plus 100 more from New Year’s Day. We went with some friends to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Fair Park.
It was amazing! It was also freezing but we bundled that baby up and headed out.

We started off at Angry Dog where I did indeed have said dog. Tasty. Then back in the car to hit the park. A friend had posted the groupon offer on Facebook so we had pre-purchased tickets at half off but honestly, it was so worth it at full price. A few days earlier we had seen the Chiluly exhibit at the arboretum for the evening tour and it was really disappointing. This exceeded my expectations. Highly, highly recommend it.

This dragon is made of dishes. Incredible!

Little cutie mixing her animals here. Last minute Target purchase for a good hat with her panda coat also a Target purchase when she was still in utero. She also had gloves not pictured since this was actually us packing it in not heading out.

He should guard our house. Loved the Foo dogs.

Heading in and a very well bundled baby as promised.

Sophy and Daddy ready to head back home.

Super cute, and mittened, baby waving to her fans.

Warning: adorableness overload with this cutie! Seriously, she is this cute all the time. It makes my heartache.

I took a gazillion photos trying to get just the right shot of the Cotton Bowl. This was my favorite.

I think the longhorns and lotus flowers sort of sum it up.

Fantastic! Honestly, I still rave about it, you know 4 months later so that’s a pretty big endorsement.

Next up Seattle! I promise!