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Five on Friday


5. I’m still kantha obsessed. Well, I’m still obsessed with painting everything white and adding a ton of color via accessories. So far, I’ve found very little that’s as bright and warm as kanthas. Love these on Etsy. And THESE! Wow. SF Girl by Bay had a post featuring Hand and Cloth. Greatness. This little elephant with kantha stitching is adorable. I may have to get a few as my new “go to” baby gift along with the wubbanubbas. Those are fantastic.

Marigold Textiles on Etsy

I’m a little fuzzy on whether kantha is the stitch you see here or the material or the quilt that uses that material and stitching. Oddly the intranets provides conflicting information. How is that possible? If it’s true, it’s on the internet. Or, not so much.

4. This is my new favorite piece from World Market and would add it to the house immediately if I didn’t live with a husband and a toddler. Neither would approve. The color is really lovely although I may have to side with the husband and toddler on it’s actual comfort and practically. In my adult doll house this would be in the dressing area where I lounge with a champagne cocktail.

World Market

3. Now that I’ve declared it fall, repeatedly, I’m getting out the crock pot and putting it to use. We bought this super fancy one on sale at Williams-Sonoma and I love it. On Monday I made pot roast and it was fantastic. I also tried to make lentils and chicken sausage which was meh. Sophy liked it (the lentils anyway) so it wasn’t a total waste.

I can brown and saute in it before I actually add everything to simmer all day. It’s pretty awesome. We also got a $25 gift card when we bought it and Sophy has since absconded with it. Not a happy mama. I had earmarked that GC for a glass pitcher. Someday I’m going to find it squirreled away someday. Maybe. Good thing she’s pretty adorable. NOTE: not paid for by Williams-Sonoma but if they wanted to send me that nifty glass pitcher that’d be great. Oy.

2. I’m a little sad that the Rachel Zoe Project has been canceled although last season was a little blah. I kinda wanted to see pregnancy round two and outfits that would ensue. And now that I’ve cut off most of the Real Housewives, my dosage of crazy over the topness is fairly minimal.


1. Holy poop! The Halloween shop at Carter’s is up and running! Full on Halloween costume planning is commencing!


Five on Friday

Five on Friday meet up at a. liz

5. I just saw this burger on Dinner with Julie and feel like the guy on the Geico commercial with his mind blown! It’s a burger with a babybel cheese wheel inside. How did I not think of that?! This looks super tasty. May have to make these this weekend.

4. My in-laws are in town this weekend so we’re contemplating a movie while we’ve got a visiting babysitter. Jobs looks really good so does Lee Daniel’s The Butler but I’m not sure I want to be that serious and grown up. There’s always Kickass 2 or The World’s End. We also have the new Alamo Drafthouse to consider!

3. And if we’re going to a movie we need dinner. Dinner with no throwing of crackers or demands to be “put down”. Nice. I keep a list of restaurants in the notes section of my phone for a quick reference. It helps with the “where do you want to eat” question. A funny kind of movie deserves a little tasty goodness like Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dog. I’ve seen it’s tasty goodness via instagram feeds but haven’t tried it out. We’ve also lived here a long time and haven’t tried out Hattie’s in Bishop Arts. That might move to the top of the list.

2. With the family in town, there’s also likely to be some shopping for the toddler. I usually pick up a few things (or a lot), even when her closet is already busting out. The new Peek collection is crazy cute. The Tea collection also adorable. And finally, you can never go wrong with mini-boden. You’ll likely go broke, but not wrong.

1. The State Fair of Texas signs are up! School started! Football is starting! It’s Fall, it’s fall, it’s fall! Well, it’s 105 here this weekend but I can feel fall!

Five on Friday

Yay, it’s Five on Friday time and that means it’s, well, Friday! I kind of feel like this.

And here we go…

5. The latest episode of Interior Therapy had the husband giving me a little side eye. The couple were living in “her” decorated version of the house that leaned very much to Mark Ryden. And by lean I mean was totally covered in it and lots more of that style of artwork. She also had a lot significant number of unusual pieces that I had some skepticism about including stuffed rats and clown portraits. Yikes! Now, I admit I like an occasional doll head as much as the next person  and kind of adore Mark Ryden but she had gone a little overboard. Since we watched it, I’ve been rethinking the entire home decorating/knickknacking I’ve got going on. I will say that someone with a “toy collection” a la Star Wars hoarding better not look too hard at me. Side eye back to the husband there.

4. So ignoring #5 where I swear off all questionable art and excessive item displaying. I kind of really really want these. Our antiquing trip set off some kind of dormant pottery collecting gene. I’m on a definite 30’s and 40’s pottery kick and have almost started a collection for Sophy. I have not for a few reasons.

  • These are things I like and don’t want to hear it when she’s 13 and hates everything.
  • Also, I don’t want her stuck with having to deal with my hoarding on her behalf when she finally moves out and has to deal with a U-haul full “her” stuff. I do have some self-awareness about this. She may have to have this though.
  • And the husband gives me the look and just shakes his head. I do not want to see this same behavior in a pre-schooler.

3. I’ve been seeing these awesome Valentino pumps all over the intranets. Greatness. So we have to suspend our disbelief that a) I wouldn’t immediately break an ankle. And, b) that I would spend nearly $1,000 dollars on shoes. After all of that, these are fantastic! Perfect with some boyfriend jeans and a cardigan for casual with an edge work outfit.  I also have to get beyond them being called “Rockstud”. That’s just… ugh.

2. Ok, since I’ve agreed not to hoard on behalf of my toddler daughter, I’m contemplating merchandising her things in some fun ways. I love these crates. This book wall is on the must list.

1. And I’ve decided I’m kind of screwed since I have a “vignettes” board that would induce nightmares in Jeff Lewis and my husband.

Happy Friday!