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Halloween Comes Early at the Huffs

I’ve had it in my head that I wanted to make a Halloween wreath. Yes, I’m aware of the date but I would not be deterred. After two trips to Michael’s, where I stocked up on all things that were glittered and thankful for lots of coupons and store discounts, I was left with this pile of random. IMG_5725.JPG
I had wanted to find some vintage style masks and wire them to a wreath, add a ribbon and call it an afternoon but Archie McPhee’s let me down in a big way. I found the felt Frankenstein and decided that was as good as it was going to get.

After first thinking I had seriously over purchased, I made this:
IMG_5727.JPG and only have 4 different Halloween stems left. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Sophy declared “I love it!”

My work here is done.

Note: this wreath is hanging INSIDE the house until at least late Sept. No reason to advertise the crazy.

To Do List

I always like to see people making lists since I’m a list lover from way back. Anna at Door Sixteen has some ambitious home project lists which inspired me to do the same. Also, I need the public shaming since the private list making isn’t really getting me anywhere. This is a post-Labor Day list since we’ve got family coming and then we’re free to run wild! It’s pretty ambitious but here goes:

  1. Move everything out of the studio/guest room
  2. Remove the quarter round molding from around the floor
  3. Patch quarter round holes
  4. Remove laminate floor
  5. Paint the walls
  6. Paint molding
  7. Install wood tile floor
  8. Grout said floor
  9. Rearrange and move everything back in to look like this or this or this. Or not.
  10. Remove quarter round in the hallway
  11. Patch quarter round holes 
  12. Paint the hallway
  13. Paint the molding
  14. Convince Rolland I need a shiny sparkly chandelier (really love this) in the hallway
  15. Put down tile
  16. Grout tile
  17. Move everything out of Sophy’s room
  18. Remove the quarter round from around the floor
  19. Patch quarter round holes 
  20. Remove the laminate floor
  21. Paint? It’s really, really pink and makes everything weird in pics. May just knock it down a couple of shades
  22. Paint molding to cover hole patches
  23. May consider a new light fixture since it’s also crazy dim… Rolland really might kill me. :O  Maybe just use existing hanging IKEA light over rocking chair and add a switch?
  24. Install wood tile floors
  25. Grout floors
  26. Build built-ins and window seat along window wall
  27. Figure out how to make/find a seat cushion for window seat
  28. Move all back in and hope she’s still got a reasonable sleep schedule

Take a break for Christmas!

Five on Friday

Yay, it’s Five on Friday time and that means it’s, well, Friday! I kind of feel like this.

And here we go…

5. The latest episode of Interior Therapy had the husband giving me a little side eye. The couple were living in “her” decorated version of the house that leaned very much to Mark Ryden. And by lean I mean was totally covered in it and lots more of that style of artwork. She also had a lot significant number of unusual pieces that I had some skepticism about including stuffed rats and clown portraits. Yikes! Now, I admit I like an occasional doll head as much as the next person  and kind of adore Mark Ryden but she had gone a little overboard. Since we watched it, I’ve been rethinking the entire home decorating/knickknacking I’ve got going on. I will say that someone with a “toy collection” a la Star Wars hoarding better not look too hard at me. Side eye back to the husband there.

4. So ignoring #5 where I swear off all questionable art and excessive item displaying. I kind of really really want these. Our antiquing trip set off some kind of dormant pottery collecting gene. I’m on a definite 30’s and 40’s pottery kick and have almost started a collection for Sophy. I have not for a few reasons.

  • These are things I like and don’t want to hear it when she’s 13 and hates everything.
  • Also, I don’t want her stuck with having to deal with my hoarding on her behalf when she finally moves out and has to deal with a U-haul full “her” stuff. I do have some self-awareness about this. She may have to have this though.
  • And the husband gives me the look and just shakes his head. I do not want to see this same behavior in a pre-schooler.

3. I’ve been seeing these awesome Valentino pumps all over the intranets. Greatness. So we have to suspend our disbelief that a) I wouldn’t immediately break an ankle. And, b) that I would spend nearly $1,000 dollars on shoes. After all of that, these are fantastic! Perfect with some boyfriend jeans and a cardigan for casual with an edge work outfit.  I also have to get beyond them being called “Rockstud”. That’s just… ugh.

2. Ok, since I’ve agreed not to hoard on behalf of my toddler daughter, I’m contemplating merchandising her things in some fun ways. I love these crates. This book wall is on the must list.

1. And I’ve decided I’m kind of screwed since I have a “vignettes” board that would induce nightmares in Jeff Lewis and my husband.

Happy Friday!

Faux Woody Goodness

A big hold up on moving forward with the studio planning was trying to figure out what to do with the floors for the house. We have a small game room upstairs that’s carpeted but everything else is tile, concrete or Ikea laminate. Finally, I think we’ve decided to go with tile that looks like wood. Rolland’s become a tile expert at this point and I don’t mind grouting so it seems like the best DIY approach at this point. I love how easy it is too keep clean but looks like wood. Sophy can run wild without worrying about doing any damage.

These inspiration images from Houzz make it easy to see how pretty it could be. Now I’m ok with ripping the house apart and moving forward with all our to do’s. Maybe keep that a secret from the husband for now though…

Love the texture feel of this one but mostly we won’t be hovering above it since we’re not vampires or super heroes. I would agree to either as long as we’re the wealthy sparkly faux vampires who live in gorgeous splendor of the Pacific Northwest or Iron Man/Woman. Sophy with that palm exploder would be a nightmare.


This one is to remind me how we can do the transition space.

We’re heading out for a little antiquing with the fam in Oklahoma for a couple of days. I’ve got my studio list and can’t wait! Pretty sparkling vintage goodness will be mine!

Studio Planning

While Texas is doing an imitation of the surface of the sun, it seems like a good time to think about some house projects. Truthfully, I’d like to treat it like a giant Etch A Sketch and start over. This is not a realist plan.

In reality planning, there’s a snag in some of my make over ideas as Rolland and I have regular disagreements about  my love of Sarah Richardson. He feels, and it’s a little tough to argue, that she decorates in various shades of white. Even her husband mocked her about it when she was decorating the nursery for their baby. Thus making it difficult for me to win these disagreements. I love all white walls and neutral furniture allowing for regular swapping out of pillows, accessories, etc changing the look up without a big investment in time or money on big pieces. The husband would like to live in a cave with little, or no, natural light. Sigh.

In an effort to further avoid this continuing disagreement, I’m starting in my studio/guest room. Right now it’s a giant hairball that needs major sorting out. I think the queen size bed is coming out and being replaced by a daybed. This is a bit of the inspiration which I know is confusing since that is in fact a queen size bed but the idea is totally neutral with bright pops of color. I have a kantha I picked up somewhere, here looks like a good option if you would also like to add a pop of color with something slightly exotic, my particular blanket includes various shades of pink, black and I can’t remember what else. It’s buried in the top of the closet (OY!). It seems like a perfect candidate for layering on a white bed. I’d also like to treat the daybed as more of a couch most of the time. Maybe the husband would come visit while I’m playing with beads, paint and wire. His iPad travels anywhere.

The overall color inspiration from the swatch below is ideal to tie-in with the rest of the house and a lot of the art I already have in the room. A little bit of red would be a great addition in replacement of the pale yellow. Not a fan.

 Unlike past projects, I think I’ll try to do some significant planning and measuring prior to re-arranging the layout or purchasing anything new. This may be the hardest part as I’ve been seriously trying to justify an Ikea visit. But maybe a few trips to Anthropolgie for inspiration could be worked in? A major reorganization and clean out would also be in order. I worked on it a bit before Sophy was born with a massive giveaway but it wasn’t a really thoughtful approach. Mostly because I was pretty pregnant and kind of out of my mind. I gave away a lot without much thought and made some odd choices for what I kept. I plan to stick with this story for some time.

Back to the planning, I have some shelves and a desk that I’d like to try and repurpose. I’m hoping to end up with something similar to this with shelves overhead for regularly used supplies and the chalkboard “backsplash” for inspiration board and general doodling. I’m hoping magnetic chalkboard paint is something readily available.

This is definitely an aspirational image since there’s only about 6 inches of usable space on the desk. Typically, I end up with about that much usable space when working on a project, I need a lot more room to spread out since I tend to be an “out of sight out of mind” kind of girl. This is also why I end up dragging out tons of stuff across the room just to ponder. Instead of thinking I’m going to change my approach (which is never going to happen) I need to figure this into my planning and leave some empty space just for “planning/inspiration”. It would also be nice to have some “guest artist” play space too.

Weekend goal: studio planning. Graph paper, Pinterest and HGTV are on the docket!

Mind Blown

So Jonathan Adler has a line for JCP called Happy Chic. I knew they were making all the changes to be trendy and down with all the super cool kids but I never expected them to really mean it. I love, love, love Jonathan Adler and tried to justify the $350 elephant lamp for Sophy’s room but couldn’t really do it.  I also love his partner Simon Doonan who was (is?) the creative director for Barney’s and while I hate Barney’s as elitist assholes – even more so than Neiman Marcus and that’s saying something. He has fantastic style and an amazing spirit. His window displays were incredibly.

Uhm, anyway back to Jonathan Adler. He’s got some very cool pieces at pretty reasonable prices with the JCP line and I picked a few favorites as window shopping.

Love this little bird pillow. Super cute for kids or just a whimsical accent.

I will admit that this couch is a fantasy more than anything practical in our house. Those wooden legs seem less than sturdy for all the real life flopping that goes on in our house. Also, it seems un-conducive to partially gnawed on bunny crackers and snot that would get wiped on it. But I love it for my dream house that is cleaned by elves that also stock the pantry and cook dinner.

This vase is also awesome. I love the black and white stripe in nearly all schemes since it screams “I’m fun damn it!” at you regardless of how snooty you may be striving.

This is also causing further decorating angst for my downstairs main living spaces (I won’t even acknowledge the upstairs). I’ve wanted to repaint since we did it and it came out much darker than I liked. Rolland was thrilled since he would love to live in a cave without light at all. I’m still contemplating white to brighten it up and allow for multiple accessory swap outs. This is unlikely since I refuse to ever get to such a pitiful state and I kind of hate to paint.

Sidenote: I just finished watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills followed with a Justified chaser and that’s not a TV leap the body should normally make. Although that Andy Cohen smack down to Adrienne Maloof would’ve been Harlan approved.  I’m going to bed to sleep it off. But, Deputy Marshall Tim is quickly gaining super fans.

The Little Paris Kitchen

I’ve discovered a new favorite show that my husband can hate. And he does. A lot. Although to be fair Rachel Khoo never stood a chance since he hears the french music playing and bee lines it out of the room. That man seriously has issues with the French. It’s not right. Also, anyone want to visit Paris with me? He claims to never return. London? London he loves and will visit any time.
… Anyway, I love The Little Paris Kitchen on the Cooking Channel and can’t wait for the cookbook The Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes to come out. I may, in the interest of frugality and minor torture, make it my Valentine’s Day present request. So far the recipes look relatively easy but fancy enough for a nice dinner if you use the good china. Also, being on the frugality train I love the Paris eye candy to help nip in the travel bug. It doesn’t really work but I still like the eye candy. 
So far, there have been a few new offerings for the late winter that look pretty good. I’m really looking forward to Danielle Bryk’s new show on DIY. I loved what she did with her house on Family Under Construction. House and Home has a gallery of a few finished rooms. Luckily, the husband loved this one so we can both watch. I’m hoping it will help keep the home organization and improvement momentum going. Additionally, I want to paint everything white – another hated of the husband’s. For the love of God, never bring up Sarah Richards. He’ll lose his poop. 

Anything else new I can’t miss?

Nursery Pictures

I finally took some pictures of the nursery. It’s pretty much done but I’m thinking of totally reorganizing the baby clothes. The dresser is pretty crowded and the closet is fairly empty so it needs a little balancing. Most everything in the nursery was on sale or something we had with a few exceptions.

This is the corner by the closet door with the cute girl version of the iconic cat clock. The doll is one I made inspired by Lisa Kaus. Both of which use to live in my studio but look great in here. I wanted her to have a few things Mommy made from the very beginning.

The ottoman and glider are two exceptions. The glider was on sale at Potter Barn Kids but was still pricey with the shipping and slip cover. The ottoman was custom made and ordered through a friend. Even being custom, it was 1/2 the price of the matching ottoman from (PBK) and has a lot more interest. It’s big enough to act as a table for her when she’s older. The picture behind the chair is one of my favorites and I got it on Etsy.

The dresser is an antique that was once my great-grandmother’s. Now it’s made fancier with knobs from Anthropologie. The two top ones are sparrows in pink, blue and white. The others are pink crystal daisies with gold centers. Love them. The picture above the dresser is a photo taken by Wendy Bix. I was super lucky and won mine via a twitter giveaway but you can pick up your own from her Etsy shop. The bunny box is awesome and I need to get a better shot. My friend Randall bought it for her when we were shopping the Christmas sale at Anthropologie. The retro fan was also moved from my studio to her room. Love the aqua against the pink and white.

Her crib was a PBK sale with sheets and monkey (which won’t be in the crib when she is until much older) were shower gifts.

The changing table was a super discount via PBK kids that the husband found fairly early on in the nursery development. The changing pad was a gift from my Mom along with a pad cover. This one in polka dots was a shower gift. Still need to organize the diaper and baby paraphernalia that’s squirreled away in the baskets but it’s fantastic that the basket holds the all the clutter.

Bookshelf was moved from the studio and is filled with a mix of new and existing items. Her Aunt, a librarian, is building her quite the library with a few additions from friends, grandparents and some of my favorite classic mythology and of course Harry Potter series.

I had a couple of these prints in my studio and am crazy about them and new immediately I wanted them in her nursery. I ordered the bubble gum pic to create the triptych and the husband did a fantastic job of hanging them. The Black Apple has some great series images that could fit into all kinds of themes (which I seriously avoided since I knew I would take it way too far). Her circus images are fantastic.

I hope she likes it and I don’t immediately turn her off of pink and all things girly. :O

Thankful Day 12

Today’s random thankfulness goes out to Behr paint for making paint with primer that made it easier to paint the nursery.

Behr is in now way paying/sponsoring this post but if they wanted to that would be ok as well.

Where the hell have I been?

Mostly I’ve been laying in bed at home doing a whole lot of nothing but obsessing about things like this.

Image courtesy of QuinnleesBoutique

Note: not our baby… but we hope to have one very similar sometime towards the end of February.

The process has definitely been, well, a process to get here. After trying for a while (I’m 38 and we’ve been married for 16 years so there you go) we decided to get serious and after a year of IUI and fertility drugs that meant IVF. For me, it really wasn’t a taxing process other than being really tired and acting as a human pin cushion. Seriously, 11 weeks of shots in the ass will take a toll on anyone. And that was really the only downside. In fact, several folks – including my husband – have all pointed out that I seem much more mellow and calm. But it’s a roller coaster of ups and downs which can take a toll. So, I’ve purposefully just taken a break from everything but doing a lot of nothing and relaxing. Thank God for Bravo and reality TV! Yay, The Rachel Zoe Project and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back.

And after everything, we got pregnant and are now at 17 weeks and early indicators are she’s a girl baby (not that this was ever the real question as much as the sex of the baby) but we’ll have a more definitive sono in a couple of weeks. I do continue to worry about everything, Rolland can verify this, but am trying to just let it go and enjoy the process. Of course this includes finally tackling the guest bathroom remodel and completely flipping the studio and guest room so the guest room will now be the nursery and the studio will combine with the guest room. It’s good that I’ve spent months resting up!

Now, I have to apologize that the blog may be taken over with tons of pictures like the above and decorating/remodeling images.