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Love and Journal Pages

This is what’s currently on my desk. I’ve been having lots of fun working on random collage projects with drawing and journal doodling added in. None of it’s revolutionary stuff but it’s relatively new to me and something with which I’ve always been a little uncomfortable. I’m working on not worrying about doing it wrong. Starting to believe there really isn’t such a thing. I’m loving the no pressure projects!

There’s a great art supply/gift shop near our house so I can pick up a few things now and then. Typically I’m supposed to walk there when I need something to cut back on the random splurging but it was super foggy and we only had a few minutes before Sophy Bear pick up so I got chauffeured. Door to car service 🙂 I got this great oversized watercolor pad which I’m planning to use as a new collage/journal project. I’m hoping to keep up the playing a little every night. 3 pages drying after a watercolor wash. I’ve also been trying to do a little Project LIfe organization and not worrying about keeping up. It’s not all no pressure but a work in progress… lame pun totally unintended. :/
collage 12-13
This little monkey is getting bigger and bigger everyday. She’s stringing sentences together and tonight at bedtime I got “I love you Mommy” totally unprompted! The heart is not prepared for that level of love and joy. Extra kisses were given. Baby love!

Sophy in Monkey PJs

Valentine’s Pretties

As previously mentioned I kind of sucked on the Christmas gifts so here are a few Valentine’s make goods.

This one is a necklace I made for a super sweet friend of mine. I couldn’t resist the “Queen Bee”.

I’ve had this collage on my desk for a long time and finally finished adding pieces parts.

The collage made its way into this charm and I love the close up. I want to think I was channeling Frida Kahlo without the color and amazing talent but it’s my moment of delusion so there you go.

Mom’s Collage

I posted back in February a collage I did for my Dad as part of his b-day and it’s got his baby picture on it, I think it’s really cute. My Mom called a few weeks ago and requested her own collage and I was swamped with several other projects … and kinda forgot… until now and I finally did it last night when I was having trouble sleeping. Note: staple gunning at midnight when hubby’s sleeping is really just asking for trouble! Anyway, I finished it last night and my husband just needs to make the frame and it’ll be ready to ship north to Mom.

I should explain that my Mom is ultra-feminine and girly. For Mother’s day one of the things we got her was a hot pink polka dotted faux fur lined dog carrier so she could carry her 6 lb bichon around with her… yeah, Nikki and Maya the Akita are not friendly. 🙂 I wanted her collage to be reflective of her personality so this is what I made. Pink and chocolate are one of my favorite combinations and the colors go perfectly with the rose. My mom has loved roses and worn a floral/rose scent for years so I always think of her when a smell roses.

I hope she likes it.

Mixed Media Herbal Collage

Over the last couple of days I’ve been working on a collage piece using a large tile I made when I was in my tile making frenzy. I added a button and covered the black clay in pearl-ex prior to baking then I went through several ideas of what to use inside of it. I originally wanted to find a renaissance or Elizabethan period costume and add charms but I decided to search through a reproduction herbal book I have (it’s okay to cut up and use for art… Maya chewed most of the pages and completely destroyed the cover when we first got her) and I found an image I liked and added it to the wood base. I decided to keep using my new found border technique with the torn paper, I used vintage sheet music a friend gave me, but added paint and charcoal pencil rubbing to add texture and interest. I finished it off with cut out text of a German herbal and decided I really liked how it turned out.

I’m sure it’s still not to hubby’s taste but maybe I’m getting closer!

Mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day Card

I just realized I never posted my mil’s card. I think it’s kind of cute to go along with my Mom’s card. The only problem is that they’re never seen as a pair… oh well, they’re a pair in my mind and on the blog. I had a lot of fun tearing all the elements and piecing them together. Ripping paper helps get rid of any frustrations you might’ve had for the day!

Mentioning of frustrations reminds me that my hubby is being really, really patient with me as I’ve taken over the kitchen in my making of polymer clay tiles. I have a couple of specific projects and gift projects in mind and I really want to have an overabundance of tiles to choose from so I can pick just the right one. You know, like shoes. 🙂

He’s a very sweet man and even I’ll do a post-Mother’s Day thank you to his Mom, she did a great job!

Slow and steady

I’m working on this philosophy for a few days to see how it goes. I usually do things in a fit of frenetic energy and then am wiped out and veg. I’m working on taking it slower and working on a few cross-functional kinds of things like art and cooking for next week when I’m too tired to do it at 7. So far, it’s kind of ok. I had dinner almost completely done tonight because I made it last night but I’m now cramming in Mother’s Day cards because I didn’t do it last night… so maybe not so ok. 🙂

Here’s my Mom’s card… good thing she doesn’t know about the blog! I was in a vintagey floral feeling, which is very much my Mom, so I hope she likes it. Tomorrow, hubby’s Mom’s card.

Late Night/Early Morning Collage

I started this piece last night (I’ve been mulling it over for weeks) and I was compelled to just get a version of it out in the world. My photo choices were a little limited. I originally pictured this with a baby but I came across the little girl who looked very sweet and I loved the idea of her playing with a wand and creating shooting stars and flowers.

I started the piece with gesso, paint and paper border. All of that dried overnight and this morning I added gel medium and the silver paint. Again, drying time that for once I didn’t try and push. I started adding the images and art bits and called it done once I had the floral images on. For some strange reason, I love all my pieces that have something floral. I guess for me, I know it’s finished when a cabbage rose has been added!

Friends Collage

Just a reminder that sometimes our best friends have 4 legs and not two. I love my puppies (100lbs each so allowances have to be made with the term puppies!) and they bring some of the best love and comfort, especially when you didn’t even know you needed it. I made this collage tonight not quite sure where it was going but I found the vintage picture and kept adding until I was relatively happy with it. I still struggle with knowing whether to keep going or to back off so next time, maybe I’ll keep adding until it’s 3-d on top of 3-d!

So tonight be sure to tell any furry companions how much you appreciate them… They’d do it for you! 🙂

Buddha at a fuzzy angle

Here’s another collage I made this weekend. I was playing around with color and texture but Buddha isn’t translating as well from the scan as I hoped. I may need to try it with the camera. I like the background but I didn’t get a good balance with the mail elements. I tend to like things very sparse or way overboard. I’m working on finding the good middle ground…

Again, I used a mix of acrylic glazes on a gessoed canvas. I used one of my favorite text stamps to create the words and then the red dragonfly stamp was used with the colorbox chalk stamps… fyi, the ink really doesn’t want to dry. I had to use the heat gun and a little clear embossing powder. I love the colors but really need to work on the composition.

Some days are easier than others

I inadvertently took a little art break by becoming swamped at work and by non-art life. I managed to get a couple of collage pieces done but I’m not sure how happy I am with them. I wanted to make something really fun and spring/summerish with memories of school almost being out and 3 months of freedom to ride bikes, swimming in the creek and eating homemade ice cream while chasing fireflies. I don’t think I got there, but it was something different and kind of fun. I used acrylic paint and glaze on a gessoed canvas then wrote all my great summer memories in a word list with a sharpie. I rounded it off with a collaged ice cream cone. I added ribbon and some glitter and pronounced it festive.. not what I have in my mind, but fun with the sharpie was had!