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Ornament Exchange

I signed up for my friend Suzanne’s annual ornament exchange this year. I passed last year since I had all of the first Christmas craziness. I wanted to do it this year as a push to get creative and it worked! Ornaments done, shipped and received. Woo hoo!

I wanted to solder them but couldn’t do it with our week away. Instead I made a collage then scanned it. I used copies of a favorite section and glued to wood pieces. I painted the back and sides sealed the image with a final drilling of the hole they were done. I used bakers twine as my hanger and really liked how they turned out.



I packaged them in their own bags and sent them to Suzanne. Such a fun and festive way to kick off the holidays!

Merry, Merry

Santa brought some serious goodies to Sophy although she was showered with presents from friends and family. Her favorite was the cardboard box from Grandma and Granddad with her super cute coats. She did play with everything and has a few favorites – future photo ops!

Sophy and Santa – Northpark Santa is definitely THE BEST Santa. We did the legwork.

Merry Christmas from the Huff’s – Rolland, Amy and Sophy!

So grateful for this Christmas with our family in town and our first with Sophy. She’s definitely the best gift we’ve ever gotten and love her more everyday. Also, cute alert since she got lots of new clothes for Christmas. Happy Christmas – hope yours was also glorious on this White Christmas!

Cute Gift Idea

My Target love has a rival. Trader Joe’s. Love, love, love Trader Joe’s and it’s a grocery store the husband and I can agree on which makes it perfect. They also shower lots of attention on Sophy so more bonus points.

I picked up this little chocolate set on our visit yesterday and am thinking this would make a cute little gift for her teacher’s at school with a few other goodies in a holiday bag. Also good for a little something for co-workers and especially awesome since it’s less than $5 bucks. Greatness.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has been very festive and quiet at our house. We went on the hunt for good sales at Anthropologie – sketchy this year – then braved the mall that was shockingly empty to check out The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was fantastic and I got a little snow fix with all the Swedish winter scenes. Also, I want to totally re-do the house in lots of white and grey with a little pale blue just to mix it up. I’m hoping this passes before I take any action that will get me in serious trouble with the husband. While out and about we did a little scenic tour of the fancy neighborhoods and had tasty lunch goodness before heading home with treats from the new Dunkin Donuts in McKinney and settling in with a fire and the puppies.

Now, we’re watching the 24 hours of A Christmas Story which we’ve never ever seen before except every year for 24 hours!

A little festiveness on the square shown here.

Reindeer display that I’m stealing next year from Anthropologie

Me out and about today going a little steampunk. I’m working on desensitizing myself from pictures since it’s going to be all pictures all the time with baby. Also, I feel a little bad we didn’t take more in utero shots sooner but Mommy was ralphing a lot and looked like death. Frankly, I’ve just found my make up drawer again in the last two weeks!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas Eve!

Christmas Party 2011

Christmas party pictures from last night. I got to have fun and spend lots of time sitting which is fantastic at 7.5 months pregnant! The husband was super cute too.

Tasty food at a beautiful house of a friend means lots of fun with no work from us. 🙂

Festive Decorating

Tree in the kitchen.

Vintage tree in the dining room. All the ornaments except church, tree topper and magenta flowers are all yummy vintage ornaments.

Bird tree in the bedroom

Snowmen in the hallway bookcases

Some favorite ornaments on the big tree in living room

Sugar/glitter houses in the dining room

Studio tree

Another studio tree

Glowing Santa from my friend Bo the girl.

Large view of Christmas tree in the living room.