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Journal Pages & Toddler Cuteness

These are my latest journal pages in my big collage journal. I had a lot of fun playing with these.

I used a marker to give the fish some color. The page felt a little flat and dull. It, and I, needed some color and orange was a bright fun option. Plus, Sophy loves to say “goldfish”. I used a lot of charcoal on these and had to use fixative to insure no smudging. Some people don’t care but I hate getting covered in it when I browse pages. It was fairly nice out so I sprayed them outside. The smell is really overpowering. I should always do it but it’s usually raining!

Happy Friday!

Project Life Week 1 & a1/2

My week 1 pics with our trip to Gas Works Park and around Seattle shots. I’m also counting last Sat as the first page for this week and our Mt Rainier trip.





Clearly the mess on the bed is not sustainable for long term computer/printer. It shares an outlet with my iPad mini and lamp which is why I’m doing this post via iPad and my computer battery is dead! Oy. I’ve got to get it all organized but loving this so far.

New Year

Still trying to get over my never ending cold/respiratory stuff that I’ve had since we moved here. Finally got cough medicine with codeine to help with the nightly coughing and no sleeping but the rest of the consultation was irritating. Even though I’ve been sick for 3 months, the best advice from the physician’s assistant was to use a Neti Pot. I did not find this helpful. Oy. I did feel a little better today, no Neti Pot so I’m going with the narcotic as big help, so we ventured out for some New Year’s pictures. It’s also perfect for Project Life kick off!

The background is a great overlook, that will be prominently featured in family photos from now on, that’s near the house and has a gorgeous view of the city. It was a little overcast but luckily not raining or freezing cold. A few really cute ones but Sophy’s window is pretty narrow for sitting still for photos so the pics with me were a little iffy.

Sophy and Daddy overlook 1-1-14 2 Sophy funny face overlook 1-1-14Sophy Mommy hugs 1-1-14 Sophy rules 1-1-14Free as a bird journal page 12-31-13 Rare Bird 12-31-13

Totally unrelated I need an Mpix promo desperately! I have a million pics I need to order.

Project Life Kick Off


I’ve started getting my album and pages ready since Project Life starts this week. I’ve decided to do weekly layouts and add more pages for an individual day or week if there’s something super exciting going on. Likely several pages if we travel or have visitors. I want to try and keep it simple. We’ll see how it goes. I have a tendency to try and take on/over complicate projects which then leads to irritation and exhaustion followed by abandoning the project entirely. Simple = completion! I’m also planning to use as many existing supplies as I can and finally see what I’ve got on hand. I think I’m down by about 90% in terms of what I used to have after the first purge pre-Sophy when we converted extra room into the nursery then with the move to Seattle. I may breakout the rubber stamps. Old school!

I’ve also managed to get 2/3’s of my watercolor album pages painted with the base coat. I did the first couple with watercolor washes but it really was too much water and warped the pages. After that, I’ve stuck with acrylics and thinned with glazing liquid. No warping and much more vibrant color.

Now I just have to shake my latest illness, I’ve been sick nearly the entire time we’ve been here, and start planning some fun family goodness. If we’re all well, we may venture over to Vashon on the ferry. First ferry ride for everyone except me and I haven’t been on one since I was very little. May head back to Gasworks park. Sophy loved it and tons of photo ops!

Happy Pre-New Year!

Love and Journal Pages

This is what’s currently on my desk. I’ve been having lots of fun working on random collage projects with drawing and journal doodling added in. None of it’s revolutionary stuff but it’s relatively new to me and something with which I’ve always been a little uncomfortable. I’m working on not worrying about doing it wrong. Starting to believe there really isn’t such a thing. I’m loving the no pressure projects!

There’s a great art supply/gift shop near our house so I can pick up a few things now and then. Typically I’m supposed to walk there when I need something to cut back on the random splurging but it was super foggy and we only had a few minutes before Sophy Bear pick up so I got chauffeured. Door to car service 🙂 I got this great oversized watercolor pad which I’m planning to use as a new collage/journal project. I’m hoping to keep up the playing a little every night. 3 pages drying after a watercolor wash. I’ve also been trying to do a little Project LIfe organization and not worrying about keeping up. It’s not all no pressure but a work in progress… lame pun totally unintended. :/
collage 12-13
This little monkey is getting bigger and bigger everyday. She’s stringing sentences together and tonight at bedtime I got “I love you Mommy” totally unprompted! The heart is not prepared for that level of love and joy. Extra kisses were given. Baby love!

Sophy in Monkey PJs

Ornament Exchange

I signed up for my friend Suzanne’s annual ornament exchange this year. I passed last year since I had all of the first Christmas craziness. I wanted to do it this year as a push to get creative and it worked! Ornaments done, shipped and received. Woo hoo!

I wanted to solder them but couldn’t do it with our week away. Instead I made a collage then scanned it. I used copies of a favorite section and glued to wood pieces. I painted the back and sides sealed the image with a final drilling of the hole they were done. I used bakers twine as my hanger and really liked how they turned out.



I packaged them in their own bags and sent them to Suzanne. Such a fun and festive way to kick off the holidays!

Five on Friday

It’s Five on Friday time again link up at a.liz … I kind of skipped the last couple week for reasons unknown.

5. We’re doing a quick summer mini-session with Ryan on Sunday so I’m obsessing over outfits. Still have no idea what’s “cute” but can get “wet”. Those are sort of mutual exclusive for me. Oy. My true obsession about this is mpix. I’m seriously addicted to their print services. They make all my pics look great and I order nearly everything in the lustre finish for this fantastic metallicy finish. LOVE. I also use their app for pics on my phone and it’s amazing.
Note: they did not in anyway ask me to pimp out there services, I just have to share my new photo printing addiction. If they want to give me benefits for pimping there goodies I wouldn’t say no!

4. iPhone photography. I just got my DSLR fixed and took it on our mini-trip. I may have posted 1.2 million photos online. Not sure if you saw. Here or here. But, I don’t normally carry the big fancy camera around but I always have my phone or iPad mini so I signed up for a class specific to the phone. It’s SnapShops which is awesome. It has lots of great information and now I’m a little concerned I won’t get through it all in the next week. EEK!

3. Afterlight. I have a bunch of phone photo apps that I rotate through but this is my latest favorite. I can size images to “square” then make all the edits and add layers with sizing perfect for Instagram. Love Instagram. I could add that as #2 but I’ll just do a combine gushing here.

2. Loving these art posters from Loose Petals on Etsy. Since I work in the travel industry now, these seem like perfect additions to the office. I’ve already a purchased a Dallas print and am now undecided as to my next favorite. They’re all fantastic!

1. Totally random baby panda! Sophy has started saying “bear” which sounds a lot more like “beer” than “bear”. It’s the best thing ever. We call her Sophy Bear or just “bear” so it’s extra cute. I drove her to school every morning and we practice saying “Mommy”, “Daddy”, etc. When we get to Sophy she just giggles. Sigh. Heart melts. I hope to catch up on all of my bear snuggles this weekend!

Journaling… Project Life?

I’ve been trying to do some journaling every day. It’s a helpful mini-meditation. I also feel like I’m doing something, even something small, that’s creative. My poor little journal has been covered in tea and soda (multiple times) but it’s hanging in there. I picked it up at Barnes & Noble a couple of years ago but it’s finally being used. Luckily, my hoarding tendencies have served me well and I have a large box of new journals to work in if this gets irreparably damaged. I would love to do some more intricate journaling using my own bound books but for now, baby steps. This works for me and it’s easy to carry around with my little pencil case with pens, highlighters and a few markers.

My new favorite journal trick is to doodle with highlighters. It’s a quick color add to the page and a little lettering then good to go.  I’m still working into the fancier lettering. It’s tougher than you might think. I always forget which way the sun is shining to create “the shadow”. Ugh. 

Earlier this week, I did a quick note on “Intention” which my yoga instructor has been setting for me which is kind of handy. And the one she set was about resolution and being firm, mostly in practicing my yoga, but it got me thinking about commitment and trying to do some documentation regularly. I’ve been following Pam Garrison’s lovely Project Life updates and decided I’m trying it next year. There’s some hope that the studio might be in shape to handle an ongoing project like that. Might even get it’s own cubby. But I don’t want to over commit. 🙂 I can also start gathering the supplies slowly, use what I’ve got and set aside for this as I go through supplies and reorganize. Relatively low cost beyond binder and inserts is my hope.

I’m also working on how to use my fancy DSLR along with taking better iPhone photos. Signed up for SnapShop (yay!) so with 5-6 months to practice with both I should be fairly proficient by January. I also ordered a super cute camera strap for the DSLR. If I can accessorize, it helps create the habit for me… at least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

Also really loving the idea of getting started and involving Sophy. I would love to see a week through the eye’s of Sophy. That baby has serious opinions.

Back in the routine

Or at least working on it. We went on a quick trip to Seattle for an early birthday. The weather and the food were fantastic and the Chiluly experience was incredible. It may have been my favorite place on the trip. It deserves its own post for sure.

The downside was missing my little chickadee. Her grump face sums it up. She had an awesome time with Granny and Aunt Anita while Mommy missed her like crazy. I like to think she’s been especially snugly.

Dedicated Seattle post soon but I do have to publicly confess to finally watching the final Twilight movie for the plane ride. Solid “not bad” with a side of “coulda been worse”. Kind of perfect in flight entertainment.