Monthly Archives: May 2015

Home Sweet Home…eventually

So in about 7 months this will be the site of our new house! I’m terrified at all the unknowns about my job and potentially job hunting if needed and then securing said job to qualify for final mortgage…oy.

But, unlike my typical nature, I’m choosing to take some deep breaths and just trust it’s all going to work out. Allow myself to be excited and not if myself to death about risks.  

So, I’m super excited to tell you we’ll be back in our beloved McKinney a block away from a park and Sophy’s future elementary school. We met some neighbors who are awesome and I’ve started an inventory of existing furniture for outlet and space planning. I mean I’m going to try not to worry not give up my control freak ways!

AnywY, super excited and back to Big D in June for final finish selections. Can’t wait!


McKinney Love


 Love this picture of Sophy in the tree and summed up our recent Texas trip perfectly. We had a great time seeing Mom, Dad and Jen plus worked in lunch with a few close friends on the square.   



Weekend Recap

Sophy’s school had a bake sale last week with some offerings that included princess toppers. As you could imagine, she had to have one immediately and would not be appeased. I sent Rolland out to find something to stick on the top of a cake and this was our best option in West Seattle. 


She loved it, the cake not so much as I took a flyer on a recipe from Baking with Less Sugar and I made it gluten free. We’ll call it an experiment gone awry.

Someone got a sassy new haircut uping the cute 1000%.     More cooking with homemade sausage I loved but Rolland found a little too Italian sausage and not enough Jimmy Deanesque. I used the recipe from Bon Appetite that I can’t find online. I also made a cherry pie using Tartine’s flaky tart dough. Canned filling was requested and was apparently approved.

As always, I wished it was longer and the weather was shockingly beautiful. I’m ready for another one. With better cake.