Monthly Archives: March 2014

Oh Hey Blog Thingy

Took an inadvertent two month hiatus while I was living life. Lots of family, work obligations, and toddler shenanigans have been at the for front lately.

Like rock throwing in the park.

And a new tricycle.

All exciting stuff. We’re easing back into our regular routine and I have an overly ambitious weekend “To Do” list:

1. Grocery Shop and meal plan for the week
2. Make progress in Project Life album that’s 5 weeks behind
3. Clear photos off of all cards
4. Organize craft room shelves
5. Get security tag removed from lawfully purchased pants
6. Visit park for swinging so toddler doesn’t lose her mind
7. Cookies for the freezer
8. Work baked goods for Monday
9. Clean bathrooms
10. Organize cookbooks

I’m betting we actually get to 1, 5 and 6 but I’m remaining hopeful!

Catch up posts for Sophy’s birthday and family visits should also be on the list but required manage 3. It’s a pyramid scheme this list making.