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Discovery Park

Last weekend, before I was hit with the plague (AGAIN), we visited Discovery Park. The park is pretty awesome and offers Puget Sound views and trails through the trees, and wide expanses of grass and blackberries. There are also lots of buildings from when it was an army base. It was gloomy on our visit so it was kinda creepy through that area. I would definitely avoid it at night! Otherwise it was awesome and may be my favorite park yet. I also practiced some camera skills with the camera off auto! Results were mixed.

Me on bluff Rolland on the bluff distance Radar and house - milk and cookies Sophy walking on path Radar and yellow house 2 Sophy pushing stroller Sophy and Mommy funny fce 20140123-094150.jpg 20140123-094136.jpg 20140123-094103.jpg

Journal Pages & Toddler Cuteness

These are my latest journal pages in my big collage journal. I had a lot of fun playing with these.

I used a marker to give the fish some color. The page felt a little flat and dull. It, and I, needed some color and orange was a bright fun option. Plus, Sophy loves to say “goldfish”. I used a lot of charcoal on these and had to use fixative to insure no smudging. Some people don’t care but I hate getting covered in it when I browse pages. It was fairly nice out so I sprayed them outside. The smell is really overpowering. I should always do it but it’s usually raining!

Happy Friday!

Random Tuesday

Completely random blog post today. We had “Tamale Tuesday” at work today with the rest of tamales I had ordered for New Years. Sooo yummy! It was crazy several of my coworkers had never had tamales so I had to explain about the corn husk wrapper. Thank goodness someone asked. It never occurred to me I would need to provide directions! They’re hooked. I could make a fortune importing tamales. :)I also made cake for dessert. It’s my Grandma’s chocolate sheet cake and it’s incredibly good. Plus, it’s huge so perfect for work.

photo(28)To continue with the random, we collect points off of the pampers diapers and wipes so Rolland had a promo for 200 free prints from Shutterfly. I felt like I was cheating on mpix but I can’t pass up free prints when I had over 300 to order from Thanksgiving! My sis-in-law also got a promo for $20 off a photo book from Shutterfly and sent it with Sophy’s Christmas stuff. I put a book together of our last Halloween trip to the Arboretum in Dallas. I had a million pics and have been wanting to do a book but had been putting it off. I’m pretty happy with how it looked online but we’ll see when I get it, I ordered from Blurb for my last book and it was fantastic. Again, $20 off so I can’t be too choosy. Total order was $50 bucks with $24 of it shipping! Greatness except I’m still grumbling about the shipping. I am getting mpix pics for us as soon as I get another promo code. I can’t live without the luster finish, it’s a little bit of a problem!

Project Life Week 1 & a1/2

My week 1 pics with our trip to Gas Works Park and around Seattle shots. I’m also counting last Sat as the first page for this week and our Mt Rainier trip.





Clearly the mess on the bed is not sustainable for long term computer/printer. It shares an outlet with my iPad mini and lamp which is why I’m doing this post via iPad and my computer battery is dead! Oy. I’ve got to get it all organized but loving this so far.

Mt Rainier

We took a a day trip out to Mt Rainier just to do some reconnaissance for future trips. It was a really lovely drive and the forest was beautiful. No rain and clear skies were amazing. Sophy loved it and wanted to make a snowman and kept yelling “snowman, snowman”. It was crazy cute. Slightly adventurous when visiting the restroom with a sign “flush bathrooms and facilities 3 miles”. I almost backed out but sucked it up and went in. Not too bad but next time, may drive the 3 miles!

We could only go about 6 miles in the park, chains were required to go any further, but definitely paid for the annual pass. I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in the late spring and late fall. Can’t wait to go back when well and plans for hikes.

Mt Rainier Entrance

Mt Rainier on the trail

Sophy and Daddy on bench

Sophy crouched in hat

Sophy in hat - troy radlab

trees with waterM

Side benefit, we found a Dicky’s BBQ on the way and had it for dinner. Insanely good, maybe even better than those in Texas, I’m thinking it’s the new comfort place when we get homesick. Yummy!

Gas Works Park

For New Year’s Day we ventured out in the afternoon for some pics for Project Life and just general exercise. We’d been fairly sedentary with my being sick and the toddler needed to do some running. Gas Works Park is one of the oddest parks in Seattle, if not the world. It was an old gas plant that was converted into a park but signs are posted everywhere for no climbing, no trespassing, etc. Still, we love it. It’s lovely on Lake Union with great city views. We weren’t out too long since it was drizzly and I still have the plague. Ugh.

Gas works works

No Trespassing

Sophy and Daddy in front of gas plant

Sophy and Space Needle

Sophy Gasworks 1

Sophy running towards water

I have gotten a few things printed for Project Life, so far not behind, and should have week 1 done by the weekend. Woo hoo!

New Year

Still trying to get over my never ending cold/respiratory stuff that I’ve had since we moved here. Finally got cough medicine with codeine to help with the nightly coughing and no sleeping but the rest of the consultation was irritating. Even though I’ve been sick for 3 months, the best advice from the physician’s assistant was to use a Neti Pot. I did not find this helpful. Oy. I did feel a little better today, no Neti Pot so I’m going with the narcotic as big help, so we ventured out for some New Year’s pictures. It’s also perfect for Project Life kick off!

The background is a great overlook, that will be prominently featured in family photos from now on, that’s near the house and has a gorgeous view of the city. It was a little overcast but luckily not raining or freezing cold. A few really cute ones but Sophy’s window is pretty narrow for sitting still for photos so the pics with me were a little iffy.

Sophy and Daddy overlook 1-1-14 2 Sophy funny face overlook 1-1-14Sophy Mommy hugs 1-1-14 Sophy rules 1-1-14Free as a bird journal page 12-31-13 Rare Bird 12-31-13

Totally unrelated I need an Mpix promo desperately! I have a million pics I need to order.