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Project Life Kick Off


I’ve started getting my album and pages ready since Project Life starts this week. I’ve decided to do weekly layouts and add more pages for an individual day or week if there’s something super exciting going on. Likely several pages if we travel or have visitors. I want to try and keep it simple. We’ll see how it goes. I have a tendency to try and take on/over complicate projects which then leads to irritation and exhaustion followed by abandoning the project entirely. Simple = completion! I’m also planning to use as many existing supplies as I can and finally see what I’ve got on hand. I think I’m down by about 90% in terms of what I used to have after the first purge pre-Sophy when we converted extra room into the nursery then with the move to Seattle. I may breakout the rubber stamps. Old school!

I’ve also managed to get 2/3’s of my watercolor album pages painted with the base coat. I did the first couple with watercolor washes but it really was too much water and warped the pages. After that, I’ve stuck with acrylics and thinned with glazing liquid. No warping and much more vibrant color.

Now I just have to shake my latest illness, I’ve been sick nearly the entire time we’ve been here, and start planning some fun family goodness. If we’re all well, we may venture over to Vashon on the ferry. First ferry ride for everyone except me and I haven’t been on one since I was very little. May head back to Gasworks park. Sophy loved it and tons of photo ops!

Happy Pre-New Year!

Sophy in Portland

We went to Portland a few weeks ago and it was freezing! It was the day after a snow/ice storm there and we weren’t really prepared for the frigid temps. We spent a decent amount of time in the car seeing some sites but got a few good Sophy shots in the hotel.

In case you wonder how we get her to smile sometimes, see flying elephant below!
elephant incoming Sophy running tree Sophy tree 3Sophy funny expressionAnd sometimes, she’s just over it.

Sophy grump face Sophy hat coat and boots

Love and Journal Pages

This is what’s currently on my desk. I’ve been having lots of fun working on random collage projects with drawing and journal doodling added in. None of it’s revolutionary stuff but it’s relatively new to me and something with which I’ve always been a little uncomfortable. I’m working on not worrying about doing it wrong. Starting to believe there really isn’t such a thing. I’m loving the no pressure projects!

There’s a great art supply/gift shop near our house so I can pick up a few things now and then. Typically I’m supposed to walk there when I need something to cut back on the random splurging but it was super foggy and we only had a few minutes before Sophy Bear pick up so I got chauffeured. Door to car service 🙂 I got this great oversized watercolor pad which I’m planning to use as a new collage/journal project. I’m hoping to keep up the playing a little every night. 3 pages drying after a watercolor wash. I’ve also been trying to do a little Project LIfe organization and not worrying about keeping up. It’s not all no pressure but a work in progress… lame pun totally unintended. :/
collage 12-13
This little monkey is getting bigger and bigger everyday. She’s stringing sentences together and tonight at bedtime I got “I love you Mommy” totally unprompted! The heart is not prepared for that level of love and joy. Extra kisses were given. Baby love!

Sophy in Monkey PJs

A Year of Self-Improvement

So I’ve been surprised at how little I’ve enjoyed the move so far. With that, I’m working on doing some things I’ve always wanted to do. And some things I just need to do! I signed up for weekly yoga and have been getting regular massages. All of that with the walking and I’ve been feeling better but have a long way to go for some physical goals I’ve set. We’re also cooking at home more which helps cut out some of the unhealthier options.

I’ve had Book & Larder on my must visit list. I signed up for the wait list for the croissant class and they just added one in February! Super excited. It’s also next to my favorite burger place, Uneeda Burger. YUM. I’ve expanded my nightstand reading with more cookbooks. I’m loving Relish by a Daphne Oz. I was initially skeptical as she’s fairly perky on The Chew but it’s really informative and fun. Casually approaching health without the preaching which I appreciate. We’ve had some mixed results with Pinterest which has been 50/50 so far. I’m hoping more cookbook guidance increases the success ratio.

In 2014 I’ve committed to Project Life and documenting each week. I’m signed up for another Snap Shop class for my DSLR to help learn how to use the fancy camera. Really excited! Lots of plans for gifts next Christmas. Just FYI! I get such better results and Soohy pics are a favorite with the fam. Mpix promo codes are on my wish list for Valentine’s Day! I’ve got some pics I want for framed pics. I’m also going to work on the 2013 family book. I want to include the full year. Uhm, I’m going to need to add Blurb promo codes to the wish list as well!

Another class with gifting potential is Ruth Rae’s class. I thought about signing up for the weekend but I hate being away from the toddler! I haven’t been doing much with jewelry lately so this should be fun. I’ve mostly been playing with collage and building my supplies back up. If anyone has suggestions for collage supply options in Seattle I’d love to hear ’em.

I’m building up the “to visit” list and hope to make it feel more like home soon. Sophy and I are exploring tomorrow for last minute Christmas errands. Girls day! Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Note: I forgot I signed up for a child nutrition class from Stanford Online! I’m kinda nervous! It’s Stanford! Oy!

The Hobbit

We had a team outing at work and spent the afternoon at The Hobbit. LOVED IT! Our group seemed to have a lot of mixed reactions to it with a lot of feelings of “meh”. They also weren’t crazy about the first movie. I doubt their sanity. Bbut it was exactly what I had expected of the franchise. I didn’t even mind the addition of the new elf. She was also greatness. Please note: Orlando Bloom seems to have gained a little weight over the passage of time. It didn’t seem to effect his general badassness but was distracting.

I really do tend to watch the movies as something separate from the books. Almost as if they’re just supplements, or an additional arc, to the Tolkien world without feeling as if they have to be completely faithful to the stories. I’m pretty content with my “inspired by” sense I get when watching. I also tend to forget how much singing is involved when reading the books. I enjoy the exclusion of that aspect of the movie. It also helps that I get to see 1, maybe 2, movies a year now when we had a time in our lives that was a weekend! With the toddler, I’m just happy to be caught up on my most recent DVR items.


Favorite Quote

I saw this quote on a blog post by Kelly Rae Roberts

We’re all just walking each other home – Ram Dass

It’s my new favorite quote. I’m contemplating it in tattoo format. Side note: I’m seriously cultivating a nice tattoo board and have yet to commit to permanent ink. Sigh. Ok, back on more of the topic. I blame my immediate love on it being truthful and exactly how I want us to approach each other. Also, I may be reading way too much Momastery. I love Glennon and her crazy approach to truth telling, sharing and love. Plus, I kinda just love being a monkee.

In a completely unrelated and non-spiritual topic, I’m stocking pile cookbooks like I’m gearing up to be on Top Chef. My latest are this, this one on a crazy Amazon deal and this one as a spur Costco purchase since it was the last one therefore it must be great. I agree my reasoning is not entirely sound, but paid off in this case. We have yet to discover all the terrific and amazing food that’s always being raved about here and have started cooking more to save money and to have tasty food.

Except tonight. We did have tasty pizza. 1 pizza = $27. This is not feasible as a long term meal plan.

Ornament Exchange

I signed up for my friend Suzanne’s annual ornament exchange this year. I passed last year since I had all of the first Christmas craziness. I wanted to do it this year as a push to get creative and it worked! Ornaments done, shipped and received. Woo hoo!

I wanted to solder them but couldn’t do it with our week away. Instead I made a collage then scanned it. I used copies of a favorite section and glued to wood pieces. I painted the back and sides sealed the image with a final drilling of the hole they were done. I used bakers twine as my hanger and really liked how they turned out.



I packaged them in their own bags and sent them to Suzanne. Such a fun and festive way to kick off the holidays!