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Baby Love


Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

It’s been pretty quiet around here with Sophy doing a tour with Granny and Aunt Anita to see the peeps. The outing included a trip to the “beauty shop” and I’m hoping for a professional bang trim. My last attempt was a little wheels off. We went for a quick antiquing run sans toddler and had some success with random animal pottery that will go into storage until we live somewhere crazy roomy again.

Mostly, I’ve been thankful the Sophy Bear has been super lovey this week. Lots of kisses and snuggles without prompting. Major heart expanding moments. Seeing her all lovey with the baby may induce a tear or two. She’s the best. EVER.

Hope your pre-turkey day has been fantastic.

Thanksgiving Vacation Begins!

We rented a house outside of Branson, Missouri for the week and have been settling in. We hung out with Hubby’s family yesterday and my fam is in today staying with us. It’s blended family time from here on out with turns being taken at spoiling and overindulging Sophy. We’ve had a few time outs but for the most part she’s been awesome.

The trip was initially a little rock as we woke to a 4am flight cancellation on Sunday morning due to an ice storm in Dallas. After losing my poop for 30 seconds, American got us rerouted through Chicago and we made it on Sunday only a few hours later than originally planned. Woo hoo! Truthfully, I’m not sure a long delay in DFW would’ve been a good idea. I’ve been crazy homesick and likely to bolt at the airport.

water over the road


Sophy and the fish tank

Sophy by rocks 11-26-13

We’ve already crammed in lots of fun as shown above. Lots more to come plus crazy legging limit testing foodie goodness. Yay, turkey day! Bring on the bird and pie.

Morning and Night

Morning view in to work

Morning view in to work


Evening view

Before and after work pics. Sunrise with the gorgeous pinks and it’s clear so the mountain is out (official Seattle term). Evening walk is cold but lovely. Luckily we’re close enough we can walk to school for Sophy pick up at night. Normally we don’t but it’s really cold and we wanted to get her walk in early. This is the normal bundling.





Seattle Sunset

View from my office building which is pretty awesome. The weather has gotten colder but beautiful. Sunny with blue skies seems to be a rarity here. We’ll take it as we still try to settle in.

I’ve got 1 tree up and a collage drying to turn into ornaments. Full on holiday madness has hit the Huff house. We’re also slightly crazed as we try to organize for thanksgiving. Madness but I love it. I’m hoping we can actually find all the trees and ornaments.

So tired I’m heading to Ned but wanted to do a quick post. I’ve missed my blog!


I read this today on Sweet Fine Day

It’s only 2 and a half weeks away. Isn’t it funny that I refer to my parents’ house as “home” when I have never lived there? But I guess home isn’t a place. It can be, but mostly it’s a feeling.

This was something that really struck me as true. The move to Seattle has been a bit rough and just much more difficult than I thought it would be. For years we called Missouri “home” but moving here, Texas is now referred to as “home” but it’s really a feeling. The place that was literally our home, safe and comfortable, friends nearby, the familiar. We’ll be in Missouri for thanksgiving and it’ll be interesting to see what it’s like. How it feels with all of this new context. I’m not sure Seattle will ever feel familiar but I feel lucky for the adventure and that I have a few places that feel like “home” when many have none.

I’m trying to be grateful everyday. Make it a practice and a habit. I’m working on all of those things I don’t like about myself but trying to be gentle. Finding things that I like about myself, things I like to do, discover what truly makes me happy and do more of it. I didn’t think I would have space to create here but I do. That’s one of my “improve” areas and happy places. Studio. I feel so much joy from creating and playing with art. I’ve decided to work my way through my art books starting with Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. a small amount of time everyday dedicated to creating sounds amazing. I’m excited about the mini-retreat feel and potential for new skills. I also just like playing in the paint! She’s been a great mentor, albeit unknowingly, and seems like the perfect starting point.








Halloween in Seattle was pretty awesome.

The Weds before Halloween Sophy’s school had a full on parade with a tour of the fire station across the street. That crew was super patient with the kids and parents tromping through the station. Our little zebra abandoned the class for her parents early on. She was more interested in Daddy’s phone than the fire truck.

On Halloween day, Rolland brought Sophy to my office for Amazon trick or treating. It’s fantastic since you get books and candy!

The actual trick or treating in our neighborhood was almost nonexistent. We bought candy based on Texas numbers and that was crazy over purchasing. We would get over a hundred and this year we had about ten! I think they do a lot more community activities here rather than house to house? Note for next year!

Also my settling in to Seattle post was eaten by the intranets. I’m really hoping that’s not a theme!