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Going Away Shindig

Some friends threw a going away party for us and I missed a few folks in pictures but I was thrilled to see everyone. Bo has been a great friend all the way back to my days. He’ll be in Seattle in Nov and I can’t wait to catch up. He’s also getting married in March. His fiancee is super cute and seems to like baseball almost as much as he does!

Me and Bo

Me and Bo

Yummy fudge cake from Central Market. The dahlias on top were lovely and perfect for the fall send off.

Tasty Chocolaty Goodness

Tasty Chocolaty Goodness

She’s already planning a visit. Can’t wait. Her kids and husband are also adorable. We also wear the same size shoes so after I purchase irresistible high heels they go live at Colleen’s where she can actually wear them. Seattle will be a better shoe budget location since boots will be my new target.

Me and Colleen

Me and Colleen

The hosts! My friends Mark and Ann. Ann and her partner, Jack aka Bunny Pants, were gracious enough to let us crash her gorgeous house. The paintings peeking out are also hers. She’s crazy talented. Sophy and Monkey couldn’t resist a cameo.

Party Hosts: Mark and Ann

Party Hosts: Mark and Ann

Colleen Close Up

Colleen Close Up

Super excited to go to Seattle but we’ll be leaving some great people. We’ll have guest rooms so everyone better visit. Love you guys!

Seattle Visit Part 1

It’s been crazy busy at our house as we try and get everything in order for our big move. Luckily we aren’t moving ourselves! Just a little bit of packing on our part. I did find out that we have so much stuff it will take TWO days to pack and one to load. This is after we’ve done a major purge. Ugh.

Anyway, we left on Friday morning for Seattle with the kiddo. She hasn’t been on a plane since she was 5 months old with our trip to Vegas. She was a trooper. This one, she did pretty well. As long as she had her paci and Peppa Pig no problem. Although no electronics at take off and landing did not seem reasonable to the toddler. Also, this is the cleanest that lamb was for four days. By the time he made it home… ICK!

Sophy AirportLanding at SeaTac she was out. I would’ve been happy to hang out for a nap. Cleaning crew had other plans.

Sophy Mommy planeI have no idea why I can’t get this pic rotated but they are super cute. You can see she’s getting drowsy.

Sophy and DaddyWe stayed at a fantastic hotel in an amazing location Downtown. Starbuck’s was attached and we walked out the door with restaurants and a Whole Foods right there. Even fancy yoga and spabut I did not partake. Boo! Whole Foods was Sophy snack greatness. Will, our front desk check in guy, also gave her a super cute panda when checking in. Panda made several trips out with us and she enjoyed throwing him to throw ground to watch us pick him up. Dance monkeys, dance! Even the valet guys there are awesome. They were super speedy, loaded everything quickly and asked how it went after every outing. Some were better than others. :/

Hotel ViewView from our hotel room. Several buildings on the right are Amazon’s. Woo hoo!

Hotel LobbyCute toddler in the lobby. There are incredible statues in front of the Whole Foods that I LOVE. There are fabric versions of them in the hotel lobby. You can kind of see them behind her. I’m now hooked on most of his pieces. Greatness.

Near where we think we’ll be living, fingers crossed all the paperwork is good!, is Alki Beach. I’ve also referenced it as the “Sleepless in Seattle” beach. This has garnered some odd looks.  Apparently not everyone can remember every random scene from movies they watched years ago. Weirdos.

Alki Beach FerrySophy’s first beach and playing in the water! We bought sturdier shoes that didn’t leave her feet exposed later in the day. There may have been a tide/wet foot incident.

Mommy Sophy beach 2 (2)Tiny sliver of water view in the back. This was the best of the family photo choices. Kind of love her expression.

photoBeach Snuggles!

Mommy Sophy beach 2 (1)

Rental hunting was exhausting. I was kind of prepared for the increased cost of living but not the state of a lot of the places we saw. It was crazy how much people wanted in rent compared to the cleanliness of the house. Ugh. We got really lucky and found some place that was pretty roomy, relatively speaking, in a good neighborhood with kids, in the city and really reasonably priced. I’m hoping we get everything finalized this week. It will be a huge relief to get an actual address where we’ll be for at least a year. I admit to having already started house purchasing looky looing.

Next up is Gas Works park and I figure out how to post larger images.

Moving to the Emerald City!


I am super excited, we’re moving to Seattle!

I was offered a position at Amazon in the book division. Needless to say, that’s at the top of the dream job list and we just couldn’t turn it down. It’s a whirlwind in our house and we’re heading out today for a house and school hunting excursion.

I’m pretty nervous about finding a school for Sophy. Everything seems to have a wait list and/or not want kids until 2/2.5. We found one and if we like it, we may just pay the extortionist prices and get on some wait lists.

I am crazy excited about potential city leaving and all the outdoorsy opportunities. Parks, national parks, beaches, lakes, etc are all at the mercy of Sophy Huff and she will conquer them all! With Rolland carrying her in one of those backpack things for sure. The city isn’t ready for her on her own. Yet. Give her a few weeks!

More Seattle excitement when we return! Hopefully with house and school settled. Oy.

Brand Spanking New Site

Hi! Welcome to my fancy new site that my super awesome brother built and designed for me! Thanks Scot, love you!

I love it and can’t wait to share all kinds of bloggy goodness with you. Jewelry, house stuff, DIY, way to many Sophy pics… it will all be here from now on. If we’re Facebook friends (Hi!) you know the big news (no, not pregnant), if not, I’ll give everyone the skinny tomorrow. It deserves it’s own post and I don’t want to distract you from looking around at the FREAKING AWESOMENESS that is my new blog!

Happy Thursday!

Wild Side

Channeling a little Rachel Zoe today with my chevron and panther. My necklace was a gift from my sis-in-law and brother from Bauble Bar. It’s a favorite. I love, love, love them. Bauble Bar and my fam. In this case, I think Bauble Bar has great pieces for reasonable prices. Sweater on sale via Lane Bryant. Can’t find the B&W version. Super soft. It’s been a long few days so you can see all the lovely dark circles under the eyes without makep. NOT a very RZ way to go.

Also, Sophy and I both have the same weird bang trim. Mostly because I’m the bang trimmer.

Sophy in the Splash Pad

We had a little photo “mini-session” with Ryan. These were a couple of my favorites and it’s how we found out that Sophy loves herself some splash padding! It’s also how I found out that the water features in the park are called Splash Pads. Who knew?

Sophy Splash Padding

Sophy Splash Padding

Sophy Drenched

Sophy Drenched

Canvas Pop

This might be my new favorite item in the house. I took the pic as her regular pre-school pic. That night I was playing around doing some afterlighting on it then posted it on Instagram. I kind of loved it immediately. Shortly after I got an email that Canvas Pop had reclaimed wood frames. It was meant to be.

For a pretty hefty price (~$100), I ordered it. Hoping it would look good. I love, love, love it. This pic is just so perfect for her and a great color. The wood frame is fantastic. They’ve got a 30% sale right now and I may have done some Christmas purchasing. I’m not sure how I occupied my time pre-baby, iPhone/iPad mini and apps.

Anyway, I was not in any way paid or coerced to pimp out Canvas Pop, Instagram, Afterlight. Not that I wouldn’t be willing, just no offers forthcoming. It’s early in the picture season and I really am going to need to pace myself. That toddler is just too cute!

Five on Friday


5. I’m still kantha obsessed. Well, I’m still obsessed with painting everything white and adding a ton of color via accessories. So far, I’ve found very little that’s as bright and warm as kanthas. Love these on Etsy. And THESE! Wow. SF Girl by Bay had a post featuring Hand and Cloth. Greatness. This little elephant with kantha stitching is adorable. I may have to get a few as my new “go to” baby gift along with the wubbanubbas. Those are fantastic.

Marigold Textiles on Etsy

I’m a little fuzzy on whether kantha is the stitch you see here or the material or the quilt that uses that material and stitching. Oddly the intranets provides conflicting information. How is that possible? If it’s true, it’s on the internet. Or, not so much.

4. This is my new favorite piece from World Market and would add it to the house immediately if I didn’t live with a husband and a toddler. Neither would approve. The color is really lovely although I may have to side with the husband and toddler on it’s actual comfort and practically. In my adult doll house this would be in the dressing area where I lounge with a champagne cocktail.

World Market

3. Now that I’ve declared it fall, repeatedly, I’m getting out the crock pot and putting it to use. We bought this super fancy one on sale at Williams-Sonoma and I love it. On Monday I made pot roast and it was fantastic. I also tried to make lentils and chicken sausage which was meh. Sophy liked it (the lentils anyway) so it wasn’t a total waste.

I can brown and saute in it before I actually add everything to simmer all day. It’s pretty awesome. We also got a $25 gift card when we bought it and Sophy has since absconded with it. Not a happy mama. I had earmarked that GC for a glass pitcher. Someday I’m going to find it squirreled away someday. Maybe. Good thing she’s pretty adorable. NOTE: not paid for by Williams-Sonoma but if they wanted to send me that nifty glass pitcher that’d be great. Oy.

2. I’m a little sad that the Rachel Zoe Project has been canceled although last season was a little blah. I kinda wanted to see pregnancy round two and outfits that would ensue. And now that I’ve cut off most of the Real Housewives, my dosage of crazy over the topness is fairly minimal.


1. Holy poop! The Halloween shop at Carter’s is up and running! Full on Halloween costume planning is commencing!



This was pretty much what I got when I tried to get Sophy out the door this morning. I can’t really blame her. I kinda feel like that myself. 

Just in case you thought she was always picture ready. Not so much.

Weekend Round Up

Sophy had a fantastic time with Aunt Anita and Granny. She was more than happy to share how she’d like everyone to behave for pictures. Lots of snuggles and adventures on Friday while Mommy and Daddy were at work. Lots of shopping and tasty food and just hanging out.

The willing babysitters meant we ventured out for a movie, Elysium, which Rolland loved and I found meh. We did see it at the new DFW Alamo Drafthouse and I really wanted to love the theater but it was also just meh. It was 108 out and felt like it was 98 in the theater. The food was pretty tasty though. I had a baked pretzel with hatch chile queso… yum. It was disappointing when eaten next to someone smelly. Ick.

Monday we caught up on Top Chef Masters. I’ve been hoarding episodes. I’m really enjoying Francis Lam as a guest. He was a favorite on Cooking Channels “Unique Eats” and “Food(ography)“.  I’m also ready for Sang to get off my TV. I usually love TCM more than Top Chef just because everyone’s established and plays nice. There’s always somebody who’s kind of an ass (Michael Chiarello) but this is usually rare. I love the camaraderie and the season with Jonathan Waxman will always be a favorite. This year feels a little more bitchy.

Finally, we’re caught up on visits for a while so it’s time to start the crazy “to do list“. Pray for me.