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Wedding Necklace

In November we ventured down to Austin for our dear friend’s, Suzanne and Jairy, wedding. It was at Springdale Farm and everything was gorgeous. It was perfect for them. You can read more about it on Suzanne’s blog. In fact, I had to snag her photo since I forgot to take any during creation. Bad Blogger. Bad. It was tough to contribute being fairly far away but I was incredibly honored when she asked me to make her necklace. She had a pearl necklace she wanted to incorporate and I found some awesome metal flowers and she picked the one below. I think it turned out really well and even more she seemed to love it.

I’ve got a similar piece mid-creation on my desk and am struggling with the connecting necklace pieces: chains, more pearls, stones, oh my! It’s a nice problem to have. 🙂 I’ve added a few items to my Etsy shop if you want to check out a few Valentine’s options. Happy Sunday!


So this is how I spend all of my extra time now. Also, why did no one tell me about this sooner?

P.S. I love my iPad mini that wasn’t a Christmas present just a because present.
P.S.S. my hubby is awesome.

Happy Thursday and thank The Lord because this week has been long!

Please note I now know how to take pictures of images on the iPad so nothing good is coming of this.

Inspiring Me Right Now

I’m jonesing to get some art going again but have been fending off illness, and by fending off I mean deep in throws of another one, in addition to trying to keep up the exercising, cooking at home and getting the house organized. I feel like we’ve finally gotten a pretty good routine going with dinner and bed time but am having some trouble working in art on a regular basis. I blame Bravo and my desire to lounge in my super comfy bathrobe.

Sophy was off yesterday for MLK day so Rolland and split the day for baby coverage. I had the morning shift and while she napped I made a necklace and got started on a couple more ideas. It was fantastic. I had thought I could keep my 4:30 am wake up time and alternate art/gym but I’m not sure how feasible that is. a) I’ve been pretty exhausted and b) I’d rather not have a forced stop if I get on a roll. But, I have no shortage of inspiration. Here are some of  projects that are calling my name.

Art Journaling – I’ve got a couple journals in progress and need to finish watching my vidoes on lettering but I still have not gotten in a good art journal fix. I really, really want to make my own journal and love the binding on the one below that Pam Garrison’s posted on her blog.  Pam is the queen of journaling and I’ve taken a few classes with her. They are always fantastic.

Pam Garrison

Ok, maybe Pam is the queen in training to Teesha Moore. She’s truly the journal goddess. I love her style while recognizing it really isn’t mine. I still find her pages incredibly inspiring. I love her layouts and the lettering with the gorgeous color is such a fantastic combo. It’s awesome. But, my mind isn’t as surreal oriented as hers. Or anywhere near that creative. I’m jealous. But always love looking at what she’s done and find myself reaching for a pen even if it’s just to get in a quick doodle. I find this image especially appropriate since I’m 40 in a few weeks and the highlight of pink is always going to be a winner.


I can’t remember which blog I found Inez Storer’s work but immediately fell in love. I feel like it’s got such a great stream of conscious flow that I’m dying to try. I’ve got a canvas that has been given a good coat of gesso and has a base coat of cerulean … you now immediately need to go here and watch this. It’s ok, I’ll wait….

Love that movie.

Okay, now that I’m back and a little more focused. I think this is most likely next up. Maybe even combine the stream of conscious flow with some of my journaling to get in a two for one. After that I can immediately start worrying about where to keep the relatively large finished piece but I’m going to stay positive and call that a good problem to have.

I’ve always got the jewelry but and have seen a few pieces like the one below that incorporates some toys into the work. I have a couple of other examples but the pins go straight to images not the source or blogs directly so I can’t credit them. Drives me crazy. Poor pinning people! Also, it makes stalking soooo much harder. What? Like you don’t get obsessed and immediately need to know where to track down a tiny beat up toy taxi? … right, just me.
This is another 2 for 1 since it’s a charm bracelet but includes toys! I’ve been collecting old plastic charms. Yes, “collect” = “hoards” but that’s not really the positive. True fact. I lost my shit one night when I lost my jar of these pieces and demanded Rolland find them immediately while I tried to not sob. I was very pregnant and a little crazy. The above might have happened normally but without the tears portion. Anyway, I think this one is super cute and could easily be done in a quick project. 
I just have to make do with giving up some of my stash. Normally I would just order up some replacements but I’m working on the hoarding and being more frugal.

Maybe if I mix in some more stones… 🙂

Anything else I should add to my obsession list?

Public Apology

My friend Randall and I love ourselves some Pinterest. Seriously, we are still working on the stupid spray painted animal lid project that was all the rage two years ago. Every time we’re together we bring up something we’ve found that’s fantastic and fabulous.

But, I thought he was exaggerating when he talked about how he wished it would get back to be more design focused. More in the know. I may have rolled my eyes and been a little snarky.

Today I saw this “recipe”.

Uhm, yeah. So Randall… about that eye roll….


A friend posted this on her Facebook feed and I immediately commented that I loved it. It really spoke to how I’m feeling now. After I commented she said she thought of me when she saw it. It brings tears to my eyes telling you about it now, just as it did then. The idea that she sees me that way as I still strive to be is incredible. This is so not how I see myself.

But maybe, that quiet voice is telling me I’m getting there.


Sophy Bear and I before we headed out this am. It was actually lovely, if a little precarious, with the snow and ice but it really felt like winter and I am a winter super fan. Love it. I would be happy to drive in it 70% of the time. I’m guessing this is unlikely in DFW unless the Mayans take some quick action. I also love any opportunity to snuggle this little cutie and put her in clothing with ears. Ears look good on anybody. True fact (totally stolen from my friend David, but I love it and am working it until it’s no longer noticeable as not mine).

All of this is to point out how amazing this am was and I’m grateful. I have got to work on not letting “perfect be the enemy of the good”. Wikipedia is mostly giving credit to Voltaire for this little nugget but I’m embracing it. I focus on perfection regularly to the detriment of a lovely trip, scene, meal, etc. I only see the things that went wrong or what was missing not what was fantastic and good. The road to happiness is not found by nitpicking. Also true fact. See what I did there. Eh, good right? Anyway, wikipedia also goes on to discuss how 20% of the effort gets you 80% return and the last 20% of the task takes 80% of the effort. For most things in life, 80% really is the goal. If the house is at 80% I get more snuggles, more baking time, more time snuggling with Rolland and so on. This is where I need to make some changes and really figure out what’s worth driving myself crazy. Really, it can’t be everything all the time. Madness that is. So, this rambling post, going up just like this so I can go watch more Bravo programming. Also the new Lost Girl. But what’s worth the effort, getting my ass up at 4:30 tomorrow to go to the gym. 80% effort on that one! Happy Tuesday!

New Routine

I found this gorgeous jewelry being made at Sweet Bird Studios.

Because I didn’t have enough items on my wish list. These are gorgeous and the artist has a great background. It’s really an inspiration to get back in the studio. I have a couple of pieces in process and just need to get to work. I’ve been getting back into the gym with a 4:30 am wake up call but am loving the quiet in the morning and checking off that working out box. I don’t have to procrastinate and spend more energy beating myself up for not doing it when it’s done first thing. So far it’s been shockingly easy to get into the routine. I’m thinking about keeping it up every morning and alternating heading into the gym or the studio. It’s anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half before Sophy’s up and around. I can get a lot done in that extra hour! It’s hard to find time to get everything in but I have to for health and sanity. I feel much better exercising and creating is just such a necessity for me that I’ve been neglecting for a long time. Now, I need to head to bed for some reading and early turn in time!


This is one of those things that that I never believe. Ever. It constantly feels like I’m battling all of those voices in my head that reinforce how I’m failing at everything. It’s exhausting. But this is one of those I have to get over, I have to move forward and believe that I am enough. Just as I am. I refuse to have this be something my daughter inherits. 

Watching her, I couldn’t imagine her ever thinking she was less than. She’s amazing. She’s brave and daring. Funny and such a happy little spirit. Unless you do something she doesn’t like. Then she’s fierce and demanding. I’m pretty sure she’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met. I kind of want to be her when I grow up. So, I have got to start parenting myself. I would never let someone speak to her the way I speak to myself so it has to stop. I have breathe and remember that I am enough. Just like this.

Hot Chocolate Obsession

With our cold snap here in Texas and my new mug from Rolland for Christmas, I’ve been hitting the hot chocolate every night. It’s old school cocoa that I learned how to make from my Grandma and it’s sooo yummy. I’ve fancied it up with handmade marshmallows (they’re on the list to learn how to make from scratch) from Whole Foods and Mexican Chocolate with Cinnamon. I picked up the chocolate on a whim from Spec’s and have started adding a shaving over the marshmallows. Chocolate on marshmallow on chocolate seems like the perfect use for it. 

Recipe that’s not really a recipe below.

Homemade Hot Chocolate
Makes 1 Serving
1 TBSP Cocoa
2 TBSP Sugar
Pinch of Salt (learned from The Barefoot Contessa not Grandma)
1/4 cup of water
1 cup of Milk (I use 2% but whole seems appropriate here)
Note: Most of this is done by eye and just mixing things in until they look right but I took a stab at making and writing it down as I went. Things can easily be adjusted to your taste.
Mix cocoa, sugar and salt together in a sauce pan with a whisk to get out any lumps. Add in water and mix heating over medium heat. Add milk once sugar and cocoa have dissolved. Heat to your preferred temperature and pour into your favorite mug.
Optional adding of chocolate shavings and marshmallows. You could also add in all sorts of yummy experiments like mint, peppermint, caramel, whatever sounds good.