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Have a Little Faith

Uhm, yeah, not so good with this. I’m fantastic at telling others. I even believe it when I tell others but not so much with the internalizing. I worry and worry and worry. I even worry about how much I tend to worry. Neurotic much?
I recently got some great advice. Treat myself as I would parent Sophy. Would I discourage her and constantly question her dreams? Nope. I would not. I also wouldn’t let her eat brownies while playing with polymer clay while trying to write a blog post but there’s no need to tell her about that.
I signed up for a few classes this fall and one of them is an e-business course specifically for creative businesses taught by Kelly Rae Roberts. It’s about so much more than that but I’m tired and avoiding series digressing issues that could result. The skinny here is that I’ve been resisting catching up on the posts. Resisting doing the working. Willfully ignoring the messages that resonate with me. Fighting, fighting, fighting. It’s exhausting and a little crazy making. I’m working so hard at avoiding it all because I don’t want to try and fail. I don’t want to never try and if I put it off there’s always a really good reason to not start but I will. Someday. Well, it’s here. Someday. I will do the work, I will try, I will be brave. 

Deep breath. Have faith. It will all work out exactly as it’s meant to. 

Pretty non-sparkly (mostly) necklace

Remember way back when I use to make art and jewelry? Yeah, I almost forgot about that too. But, I’m dusting off the round nose pliers and ordered my weight in vintage goodies. Only a slight exaggeration, seriously yummy stuff is sitting on my desk right now.
Anyway, this is the first project I made for The Alchemy of Objects class from Deryn Mentock using a focal piece I had bartered with my friend mark this for a bracelet. Also, see how it’s all by itself showing it’s prettiness? Yep, new found photoshop skills right there. Anyway, this class is awesome and I’m loving it.
Finished piece:
Pretty rhinestone clasp in resin:
Tomorrow I’ll share some of my super cool finds from last weekend’s bead show and new super secret Etsy vendor.

All Sophy All the Time

In case everyone was running low on the Sophy pics, I’m here to help. I know I’m considered biased, but she’s the cutest girl baby ever who is nearly 7 months old and mine.
In her outfit from Grandad. 
Sweet potato popsicle that she’s a little unsure about.
Getting ready for a bath.

In her high chair snacking on a pancake with Mommy practicing her Photoshop skills from her class. Fancy!

It’s fall and there are lots of Halloween outfits so your longing for Sophy images will soon be totally satiated via every form of intranets known.

You’re welcome.

Mom’s Night Out

Back in my non-resolution post I listed some things to focus on in 2012 and I’m not sure I actually wrote  “not be a hermit” but it was implied. I had recently added the Dallas Mom’s Blog to my blog roll for tips on great things to do with the fam here in Big D, and am happy they’ve added some working moms to their contributors so I’ll have some internet solidarity, and was very excited to see the recent post for the Mom’s Night Out event. My friend Robin is going with me so I won’t have to be totally petrified of meeting strangers. Strangers? Outing in the evening? Holy scaredy cat batman.

But, I’m super excited to have a grown up kind of event with other women who have a similar background with some shared experiences. I’m also psyched to check out drybar. Having regular professional blow outs is on my list of luxuries I would indulge in if money were raining down on us. That and a driver so I could read while running around town. Yeah so, I may have to spend the next couple of weeks dithering about the perfect outfit and toe nail color.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I love myself some sci-fi and fantasy as long as it’s not all horror and gory filled or just giant bugs and horrible weather disasters. Seriously, when did a tornado or earthquake not caused by aliens or some weird cryptid animal become science fiction? Mystery, angst, romance I’m totally sold. Add in gorgeous locations or fantastic costuming as a bonus and I’ll write a blog post highlighting your awesomeness. Mostly I’m outing my love for Urban Fantasy and if you know me, that closet door was mostly wide open which was a walk-in with seating.

Sooo… Syfy, who has finally convinced me the re-branding wasn’t totally stupid and I often start to spell all sci-fi that way, has some good programming. But, I am still bitter about the loss of Eureka (insert sniffing here) and the Dresden Files which now that I’m getting started I really, really miss The Chronicle  and am kind of nostalgic for Stargate even if they did beat that horse to death a couple of times. I’ve got a little Battlestar Galactica angst as well. Also, I have started to get kind of pissed at Syfy for torpedoing a lot of great programming. 

Ok, I’m over it.

The new season of Haven is getting ready to start and I’m crazy happy about it. It’s set in Maine, has lots of paranormal goodness with pretty people. What’s not to love? They also have a pretty great twitter feed with Dave and Vince but I had to pare down the twitter following and just follow the Herald.

image via Syfy

The latest seaon of Lost Girl has just wrapped up and won’t be back until January. I’m pretty sure you can catch up via episodes on Syfy. This one is filmed in Toronto so the scenery is pretty typical urban environment but the sets are pretty good and the costumes are fantastically leather badass with boots to match. There’s been some romance angst that can get grating but I’m willing to give it another season before I decide if it’s irritating or not.

image via Syfy

The whole family is a fan of Grimm on NBC but they’re a pain in the ass to try and swipe a photo so they just get a link.  This one has fairy tale quotes, moody Portland locations, cute main characters and awesome set design/houses. In a quick cross over, if you love the fairy tales and also graphic novels then Fables is the series for you. Greatness.

In case TV isn’t your favorite, I’ve got a few book recommendations that fit my criteria for good fantasy and have had releases this fall. Seanan McGuirre has two series that are huge favorites. The October Daye series and the Incryptid series which feels a little campier to me but that could just be that the lead character moonlighting as a dancer/cocktail waitress. And by dancer I mean ballroom not stripper. I’ve also started Celia Jerome’s Willow Tate books and they are total camp. Not un-enjoyable but I have to be in the mood or I just find them irritating and want to smack everyone. I’m pretty sure that’s not what she’s going for when reading. 

A few more favorites are Kat Richardson, Ilona Andrews who does a lot of awesome stuff for e-versions and I’m primarily a fan of the gunmetal/Kate Daniels stuff so can’t speak to any of her other series, Carrie Vaughn, and Laura Anne Gilman.I could list a ton more but these are the latest I’ve been reading. 

There’s something about the onset of fall and the approach of Halloween that seems to especially embrace the typical spooky/angsty/moodiness of fantasy. For me, that’s primarily  urban fantasy and the first Harry Potter with floating pumpkins, which has a lot of great talent embracing the genre right now. I’m striking and soaking it up while the iron is still hot. Sorry for the poorly constructed sentence there but you get the idea.

Whew, it’s hoppin’…

here at the House of Huff. I’ve started my photoshop class on Saturday mornings with my friend Randall plus 2 e-courses (blog badges on the right ’cause I’m too lazy to do the links tonight). It’s exciting that it feels like I’m going back to school with everyone but I’m also getting a tiny bit overwhelmed. I felt like I was finally getting back into the blogging habit along with baby and the long list of existing hobbies then “BAM” homework!

I promise to be here more often, I like it and it helps to have a place to share and vent (as needed) so I don’t want to lose it. There may be even more random postings than usual but I hope it will smooth out as I get into a routine.

So, I’ve ordered my supplies for the jewelry class and may have spent Sophy’s college fund but did find a new favorite online source. Again, lazy on the linking so I’ll post with pics when the goodies arrive.

Now, I’m planning to turn in early since next week will be super busy.

Fall means change including costumes

I’m thinking of switching up my look a bit. Also, if I were on top of all the blogging I would’ve taken some pics of the outfits for show and tell. Maybe later this week. Anyway, I’m pretty preppy with some edgy jewelry thrown in. And by edgy I mean Stella and Dot or some homemade pieces with lots of layering. Side note: I dragged the husband into Forever 21 yesterday and found some great stuff for about $7 each vs the $60 plus some of the more upscale brands are looking for but I do love some of the animal designs and Lulu Frost pieces… digressing again.

Sooo, back on the original topic. I ordered this dress since I’m starting to work in a little Boho to the typical preppy ensembles I’ve usually got going on.

It looks super comfy and it has pockets. I love pockets. If it works out, I have my eye on this little number. Both of these will look awesome with the steampunk style boots from last year which were on a super discount sale and purchased by my fantastically sweet hubby as my “you had to have some seriously tough IVF crap but got pregnant and can’t stop throwing up” present along with my new socks. Another sidenote: totally worth it because Sophy is awesome.

Perfect with fall arriving any minute. Seriously, any minute even it it’s just me turning down the air conditioning.

Postscript to add no one asked me to pimp any product, I just really like these and wanted to share.

It’s the little things

I love playing with Sophy in her room and tonight Daddy joined us. He’s the photographer. 🙂 She was resistant to going to bed, she’s usually out between 8-8:30 but not tonight. She was all about playing. We practiced sitting up, she’s becoming a champ, and stacking her blocks. There was lots of chatting and near crawling. In a couple of weeks she’ll be sitting up on her own and I’m fairly convinced crawling everywhere.

We’re also going to move her to her crib for naps – which she usually does at least once a day – and sleeping at night. I talked to her pediatrician about it, he clearly wanted to avoid that bear trap! and I fully confessed I wanted to keep her with us, it wasn’t Rolland. He’s pretty confident she’ll be fine and thinks we’ll all sleep better. The doctor was pretty specific that there wasn’t any medical or safety risk at this point and it was total parental preference. I know it’s better for everyone but I think it might take a couple of more weeks to train me.

Until then, I’m soaking up every minute of her baby days. I love you Sophy Jane and I’m thankful everyday that I get to be your Mommy.