Monthly Archives: February 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day was perfect and incredibly low key. I woke up early and did a little housekeeping while Rolland snoozed. Then, a massage and biscuits & gravy. Yummy. We did snacks and are watching the Olympics tonight so it’s been lovely.

I’m also playing catch up on the pics and blog updates so these are a few pics of what I did last weekend. Suzanne hosted the be babes & bbq for our monthly girls (& Yuri) gathering.

This is Suzanne (the blonde) & Elizabeth being completely adorable while we grill. They also have a fabulous, in addition to their day jobs as fantastic designers, gig creating super cute silk screens. You can check it out here.

Yuri doing a fabulous job at the bbq.

It was a great gathering with some super tasty food. Pics of that as soon as I can find them on the desktop.

Hoping everyone is having a fabulous Valentine’s Day.

Baked Goods A Plenty

Friday’s carrot cake was popular with the work folks. Turns out carrots are yummy!

I made this for hubby to take to the office with frosting leftover from…

these that made an appearance earlier in the week.

I think next weekend I’m going to try something super ambitious with caramel and chocolate along with making the homemade bagels.