Monthly Archives: November 2009

Soldering Skills Come in Handy

Turns out, my being able to solder is super handy. We saw a mirror set at IKEA that I loved. Mostly, I loved the hand mirror and the large mirror hanging with pretty pink velvet and chain but for $30 I could definitely figure something else out. I bought a set of rectangular mirrors instead ($5 for the pack of 4) and decided to DIY it at home. My first attempted involved epoxy and hangers… this did not go well although I discovered the epoxy failure prior to it hitting the ground. Up next, a round of soldering. This turned out to not be the pain in the butt I was expecting. I added a patina finish and am really happy with how it turned out with my pink ribbon and vintage chain added. Now I can check out the jewelry choices without running back into the bathroom to review. You would be amazed how many runs this can be in the am. 🙂

I decided to continue on with the super crafty DIY skills and fixed these vintage ornaments we got a few weeks ago. There were 6 in the set but two had lost their metal hangings so a little foil, flux and solder and these are back in business!

This weekend has been awesome. Incredibly relaxing with lots of movies (Blind Side, Purple Violets, Bottle Shock), tv catch up (have you seen White Collar yet? It’s greatness!)and playing in the studio. We did get some Christmas shopping done but still need to get a few more things ordered.

Hope you had a terrific weekend.

Last Marie Pages

This page was daunting to work on since Keli did such a gorgeous job on the background page I hated to cover it up! It came quilted with the text and the lovely ribbons already added. I did my best to add to it without destroying anything she had already done. In the end, I think it came out pretty well.

Suzanne’s page was quite a challenge since she sent a cake mix box as her background. She has a baking background and it seemed like the perfect way to create a book. Incredibly clever that Suzanne. This one was a little late since I wanted to get it done on time but had to wait for lots of layers of gesso, paint, more paint, marker, glue, etc to dry. I really had fun with this page and the background.

That’s it for me. Next pics will be of all the wonderful pages I received. I’ve been collecting them and waiting to open them until I was ready to put them in the book. It’s going to be like an early Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve had a lovely day of food, movies, shopping and play in the studio (at least for me). It’s been a wonderful holiday and I hope you’re enjoying it with family, friends and the tasty goodness of your choice.

Silver Bella Pics

I didn’t take as many pics as usual but I did snap a few with the iPhone. Instead, I had a great time and was caught up in actually enjoying the festivities forgetting to take my camera out of the bag!

Almost done

More Marie pages that I sent out Pre-Silver Bella. I’ve got some pics to post from Silver Bella and a bunch of new stuff to share but I had a minor injury with my new ceramic knife today – cut a very nice gash across the middle finger of my right hand – and I’m finding it slightly challenging to type and work on the computer. Hopefully these pretties can suffice until the weekend.

Note: I am taking this opportunity to clean up my blog though! I finally figured out the tag thing so that should be a lot less messy in the future.

Silver Bella Day 3

Ok, I skipped day two since I was swept away in the awesomeness that was vendor’s night. I’ve had the most amazing time. It was the perfect weekend to get away, create and recharge. I promise pics and links in the next post. For now, I’m heading to bed early and making my way back to Big D on the early flight out. Ready to be home with hubby and puppies.

Hope everyone’s weekend is also greatness.

Silver Bella day 1

I’m loving Omaha & Silver Bella. We had our reception, dinner & group project tonight which was greatness. Stephanie Haliman (?) from Fiskars led our group project and we ended up with a lot of goodies. I’ve also managed an initial trip to Second Chance antiques so lots of super cool stuff purchased. I’m slightly worried about getting it all home but I refuse to get bogged downin pesky logistics! Now, book & bed since tommorrow is a big day of Gorky goodness including the Vendor Faire. See not worried a bit.

I get to go to Silver Bella …

And this is what Rolland will be doing while I’m gone.

I figured if I get to have a girly weekend he should be able to have some weekend fun as well. This meant the new Call of Duty game, including night vision goggles, and getting to sleep late.

Happily, I’ve also got most of my projects wrapped up so I can head off to Omaha guilt free. These are the 12 Days gifts all wrapped up and heading out across the globe.

Pie Class

This is me during class. I’d like to say that I, at no point, floured my butt. Instead, I kept getting patted by the instructor who was covered in flour. Also, the instructor never actually read the recipes we were making in class. I found this incredibly uncomforting for successful pie making. The other instructor, who did know how to cook, wore a bat wing top that kept promising to catch on fire at any second. Regardless, Bo (the girl) and I had an awesome time and we both went away with tons of new ideas and cookware. Why waste a 15% off coupon and a le creuset sale?!