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In process

I’ve got a few things in process but no photos as yet. I’m trying to rust a few things (process seems slightly sketchy) and need to get some more liquid nails for heavy duty gluing. So far, I’m happy with how my “house” collage is coming along. Tomorrow, I think we’re going to hang the chandelier over the tub so I need to get on my bling for that! I’m very excited about how that’s going to come out.

One of my Christmas presents from the husband was a new flip video camera, in pink of course! So far, I’ve taken some puppy video but have yet to get it from the camera to the ‘puter. I’m going to work on it tomorrow. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day! Today was relatively quiet after we hit a few errands and the used book store to stock up on books for altering. Love the clearance rack with the foreign language dictionaries. I also picked up some supplies for The Art Nest really excited and can’t wait.

I’ve also been able to watch season 1 of Doctor Who in order so now it makes way more sense and I get the whole Torchwood thing. Yes, yes, I’m a big geek but I embrace it. Plus, these BBC America rocks! With the writer’s strike and nothing on TV, give them a shot.

Ok, it’s way past my bed time and clearly, tomorrow is going to be busy, busy, busy!

Happy Friday, well Saturday!

Final pics of the Christmas Commissions

These were the last of the necklaces a friend of mine asked me to make for his family as gifts. I really hope everyone liked them as much as I liked putting them together. It was awesome to listen to the stories about everyone and find out who each person was and what makes them fabulous and then try to translate a tiny piece of that into the finished project.

I’ve got a few ideas for some new pieces and some chandelier bling for over my bathtub that might get done while I’m still on Christmas vacation. I think this is the first time since high school when I’ve been off for the holidays with no work, no school, nothing and it’s wonderful! Today we got up at 3 am to head to San Marcos to the outlet mall for shopping (it’s about a 4 to 4.5 hour drive). It was totally worth it for 50% off Pottery Barn outlet furniture and rugs. We got a lovely rug for the new den area and a filing cabinet that needs a new top but it’s also awesome. Another project to add to the hubby’s list. 🙂 I’ve taken it fairly easy on him since he’s on vacation too but there are a few things that will get done on the break. See chandelier above. 🙂

Okay, that’s about it for tonight. We’re heading to bed early (3 am was a long time ago!) and going to watch Ghost Rider from bed. On the movie front National Treasure 2 was great and the perfect holiday/family film. Friday we’re going to see Charlie Wilson’s War and hit the bookstore.

Happy holidays everyone, I hope Santa was good to you and you’re having a terrific holiday. I know mine rocks so far and I’m planning on enjoying it through the New Year!

Merry Christmas!

There wasn’t a white Christmas here in the Lone Star state but last weekend in Kansas we definitely saw snow and ice! Here are some pics of the fam and the snow. There’s also one of me modeling a fabulous necklace my Mom made and I got to take home. 🙂

Back from Kansas and lots of goodies – woo hoo!

We visited my family in Kansas over the weekend and didn’t get a chance to post all the goodies I received. Here’s 7-12 and if you haven’t had a chance to take a look, head over to the 12 Days blog to see all the goodies in the exchange. Here’s the photos of the great gifts I received from Ruth, Deb, –Dawn, Caren, Erika and Kelly.

Ruth gave me the gorgeous book mark with the lovely colors that I envy! Deb sent the amazing necklace that reminded my husband and I of an octopus – it made me love it even more! Dawn’s ATC is truly lovely and I love it! Caren created the wonderful little book and I was blown away by the knitted bag, seriously, I have unbelievable knit envy. It’s the one art I know I shouldn’t even try. Erika sent the uber-cool stationery that will be making it’s way to only the luckiest of recipients. And lastly, the fantastic necklace is by Kelly. I think everyone knows how much I love her work and her spirit. She’s always willing to share some of that spirit with her fellow artists so it’s awesome to have a piece of her work.

I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this swap and the talent of all these women is truly spectacular. Thank you ladies for a glorious December filled with art, giggles and friendship.

Day 6 and a studio helper

Here is my lovely Day 6 pressie, minus the cool vintage paper that was tucked inside – I have big plans for it! This was gifted to me by the very talented Linda so stop by and check out her blog.

The other charms are commission pieces from an amazing designer I work with and she’s also a really good friend! I love her aesthetic. It’s really clean and charming with that great urban edge that’s all her. I was beyond flattered when she asked me to make a couple of pieces for her nieces.

The puppy photos are off Maya, who was quite the little helper tonight, she definitely wanted lots of pets and love but never for very long. She’d run in and then head back out – she really prefers to have all her people and puppies in one room. Usually she can get Abby and I together in here but Daddy’s not having it! It’s much too girly in here for him, plus he’d then have to pretend to show interest in what I’m doing and get stuck listening to back episodes of Doctor Who. Nope, not happening.

Another little pressie that arrived today was one I ordered for myself. It’s this terrific book I’ve had on my wish list at Amazon ever since I heard her give an interview on NPR and then I saw her on TV and fell in love with her charms. This book would make a lovely gift for a charm lover (with a little charm on the ribbon of the box) or for yourself, if you love charms or just a charming book (it’s late and I couldn’t resist!). I needed the little pick me up since I’m way behind on my “to do” list. Oh well, it’ll get done and I’m on vacation next week so I can sleep then!

Lucky Girl!

This was what I opened tonight for day #5! This was made by the amazing Maija Lepore who is an amazing artist and completely generous with sharing her tips, great shopping haunts and how to be lovely in general. I love the colors and the sparkles – it’s pink, the perfect french blue and it’s got sparkly magnets how could this not be perfect for me? I’ve already got it hanging next to my computer just waiting for the addition of those perfect inspiration pieces.

Now, I’m off to make some charms! Happy Monday everyone.

Day #4 and some flea market goodies

I can’t post yesterday’s pressie since it was my day, I opened #13 from Penn which was fabulous! I can’t say enough good things about it! I’ve somehow lost the photo of all the goodies I made but you can check it out here. These ladies are all beyond talented and I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to play with them.

Yesterday, we went and did some Christmas shopping and then had an evening out with our friends Mark and Robyn. We had dinner at a tapas restaurant and the dishes were very hit or miss but I did have a potato gratin that was amazing! It had Serrano ham and manchego cheese between the potato layers – very tasty! We were going to the Christmas Carol show so we unfortunately ran out of dessert time but I had my eye on the hot chocolate with churros. Will have to go back and give it a try, we’re also going to try the paella since I make a shortened fake version, it would be nice to taste their version.

The Christmas shopping continued today and started with a visit to the monthly flea market where I loaded up on finds for the Art Nest Retreat . They had some terrific stuff and I was sorry I couldn’t take it all home with me! My husband found several cool things but my favorite finds were this old Dallas piece and the tiny ram (I’m an Aries so it’s fitting) that I can’t wait to figure out how to get it under glass.

I should be heading to bed since it’s a school night and already passed my bed time!

Secret Santa Goodies

I made a collage using my secret santa goodies mixed in with some of my old favorites. The background is on watercolor paper with several layers of paint. Then I added in the text and a photo in the middle but didn’t like it so I added an even bigger photo right over it – great thing about collage, you can just add more items, paint and glue if something goes wrong! I thought it needed something at the top so I drew in the scallops with charcoal and then filled in with more paint. Final touches were the numbers, the text on the right, outlined the photo with charcoal pencil (a few dots ’cause you can always use them! tickets and viola! The final collage.

I’m working on a new piece now for a swap tomorrow with the Mixed Media group I joined. It’s made up of DFW area artists so I’m really excited to have a group I can bore to death with all my art notions and give my husband a break! I think I’ll try to add some bright colors as inspired by Kelly Snelling. Her work is goregous with vibrant colors and layers of texture. Check her out since she’s awesome! You can also see a better photo of the earrings I got in the 12 days swap, my photo is a little blurry.

The 12 days have started!

Here’s what I got to open today for the first day in our 12 Days exchange. It was made by the unbelievably talented Edina Tien and I can’t tell you how much I love it! It’s perfect for the studio and it’s sparkly!

I’ve also made a collage that I really like with some of the goodies I got in my MMCA Secret Santa exchange. I’ll post those pics tomorrow since it’s really late, for me anyway. With my husband out of town, I’ve just run wild with the staying up late and spending too much time in my studio when I should’ve been in bed to rest up for my 5am wake up call for work. The other day I stayed up until 3am and only had chai tea for dinner. Although it was really tasty tea! Luckily, he’s back tonight so at least he can remind me to eat dinner. 🙂

p.s. I watched this really lovely and adorable movie tonight – love having a PC and a MAC just for such multi-tasking! Anyway, the movie was I’m Reed Fish and it’s a perfect holiday movie since it’s suitable for all ages so teenagers, parents and grandparents could all watch!

Secret Santa Goodies!

I caved and finally opened my Secret Santa goodies from the amazing Kris Henderson! I blame those MMCA girls who had opened all their goodies and seriously encourage others to also AND I just couldn’t take it sitting their under my studio tree taunting me. It’s a wonderful start to tomorrow’s 12 Days countdown.

It’s definitely an art filled Christmas and uber-thank you’s to Kris who really did do an amazing job filling a cigar box with gorgeous paper goodies, a handmade journal that I love and a lovely pendant that I’m wearing tomorrow. Even the candy was art filled (and tasty!). My Ice Bats knew a good thing and wanted in on the fun!