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12 Days of Xmas Goodies!

Now that I’ve been home from our trip for a few days, I’ve just gotten stuff sorted out but now I’m coming down with something. Ugh! Husband has been sick since last Friday and I thought I dodged the bullet, but nope, it’s my turn now! I have managed to get the new studio tree (love Target) up and decorated with the goodies from our 12 Days of Xmas exchange so maybe I can do a little each day until we’re fully decked out. Also, I can’t wait to start counting down! 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll bug the husband to get all our picks on the shared drive so I can start boring everyone with the London goodies. The trip was awesome and even with the rain, I loved every second (except for the part where I hurt my knee and had to go up the tube steps) and can’t wait to start planning our next vacation… where to go???


We finally got some internet connectivity and I thought I’d throw in a quick post. It’s been awesome with only a little rain today but it’s definitely getting colder everyday. We checked out Portobello Road Market yesterday. It rocked! Today was Petticoat Lane, Brick Lane and Spitalfield’s Markets. Spitalfield’s also rocked and we got some great stuff! The British Museum was amazing and we were able to spend more time there and see even more goodies than last time. We also finally made it to Buckingham Palace, missed it the last time, and got some great shots. I’m going to have to sign up for flicker and show off all the pics. Here’s a couple from the British Museum.

Halloween Swap Giftie

This is what I received in the Halloween swap (it’s awesome Cindy!). I also got my gifts for this exchange in the mail tonight, international ones are going out tomorrow. I still need to pack since we’re heading out for our London vacation tomorrow and I’m not sure I’ve cut it close enough! We’ll have a little internet access so if I can, I’ll post some pictures from the UK!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today’s my Mom’s birthday and we’re heading up to Missouri for a housewarming for my brother so it will be nice to actually see all my family. When I told my Mom we were coming she asked if we were invited to my brother’s in the afternoon or evening. I was a little confused but said afternoon, she then explained he’s having two parties! One in the afternoon for the “old people” and one at night for all their friends – I’m wondering if I should be offended to be lumped in with the olds!? Although I am usually in bed by 10:30, but still! 🙂

Anyway, this is one of the things Mom’s getting for her birthday. She requested a pin with the picture of her and her brother as a a baby with their parents. I hope she likes it!

The other photo is a pic of my new studio friends who keep me company. Abby puppy is almost always in here but for those times when she’s not, I’m covered.

Have a great weekend guys!

Another commission piece

I had a lot of fun making this one. I know all the people in this pic so it was much easier to pick the text and images! I especially like the colors and how the polka dots and the beads synch up. Hopefully the giver and giftee also like it!

Commission Piece

This is a piece I’ve been working on for a little while that a friend commissioned. It’s always tricky working with other people’s images so I hope he likes it. The front has photos and the backs are little mini-collage with paper, flowers and text. It’s all connected by smoky quartz beads. The only tricky part was the jump rings but the key has been practice, practice, practice!

Happy Halloween!

We were swamped but it seems to have tapered off a little bit. I wasn’t as into the trick or treaters this year as past years, it really drives the puppies nuts and it’s a huge production! Mostly I wanted to play in my studio and head to bed early since I stayed up too late last night baking and watching “Dirty Jobs” re-runs. 🙂

This is the piece I made for the Halloween Swap I hosted on MMCA. I thought it was really cute and my swap partner really seemed to like it. I made a charm only one for my friend Mark who gifted it to his wife, she’s an October baby. It was also very cute.
I know the glass looks cracked but it’s not, I promise, it’s just made to look old and bubbly!