Monthly Archives: April 2006

Late Night/Early Morning Collage

I started this piece last night (I’ve been mulling it over for weeks) and I was compelled to just get a version of it out in the world. My photo choices were a little limited. I originally pictured this with a baby but I came across the little girl who looked very sweet and I loved the idea of her playing with a wand and creating shooting stars and flowers.

I started the piece with gesso, paint and paper border. All of that dried overnight and this morning I added gel medium and the silver paint. Again, drying time that for once I didn’t try and push. I started adding the images and art bits and called it done once I had the floral images on. For some strange reason, I love all my pieces that have something floral. I guess for me, I know it’s finished when a cabbage rose has been added!

Friends Collage

Just a reminder that sometimes our best friends have 4 legs and not two. I love my puppies (100lbs each so allowances have to be made with the term puppies!) and they bring some of the best love and comfort, especially when you didn’t even know you needed it. I made this collage tonight not quite sure where it was going but I found the vintage picture and kept adding until I was relatively happy with it. I still struggle with knowing whether to keep going or to back off so next time, maybe I’ll keep adding until it’s 3-d on top of 3-d!

So tonight be sure to tell any furry companions how much you appreciate them… They’d do it for you! 🙂

Scrap bracelets

So, as you know, I’ve been trying to do a project everyday just something creative to help keep me from climbing the cube walls at the office (I’m short so this is more of a probability than for you guys who can easily peer over them) so I had a few bits and pieces left over from jewelry projects and the pin-up girl collage mirror I made for a friend. Somehow, I had the perfect piece of scrap silk cord … such a pack rat, a bottle cap with diamond glaze well hardened and the exact number of black beads to make a fairly sharp pin-up girl bracelet, which I love and have worn to said cube office.. no one noticed, but I felt a little scandalous so it was a little extra spice to the day.

The other bracelet is more romantic and goes with the 3-strand necklace with the jasper teardrop I made. Again, the fates were with me as I had the right number of diamond crystals and smoky quartz to match the pattern. Now I can be refined and elegant or sassy and spunky … well, I’ll settle for well-accessorized.

I still have a few new soldering projects with more mini-collages and a larger piece I want to make with the theme of “soul sisters”. There are a lot of women through the years that have inspired me from the women in WW II who flew bombers from factories to the front lines to Mary Wollstonecraft and the suffragists who marched on Washington. But more than that, it’s women who have done the same tasks everyday since before we had fire that I want to think about and somehow bring together in art piece.

In the meantime, I found some great vintage beads from 40’s that would look great in a necklace!

Birthday Card

This is a b-day card and ATC I made for my sister-in-law. I really hope she likes Paris and France! I may have gone a little overboard with the collaging but I’m doing it in 10 minutes or less… inspired by Claudine Hellmuth’s quick collage to get my card in the mail (her birthday is Thursday and it must travel 2 states. I’m hoping for the best!) pretty quickly I decided on a French theme and away I went. Hopefully she’ll like it, it’s certainly not Hallmark! I added an ATC for her that she can pull out of the pocket on the card as an extra surprise.

Birthday loot

I met a friend for dinner last week, she’s a great friend who’s amazingly talented, and she went a little nuts for the b-day gift. Seriously, I’ve got the pictures to prove it! She gave me a bag filled with really lovely beads and crystals and I’ve gone a little nuts with it all.

I made a 3 strand necklace that is really pretty, if I do say so myself, but the beads really did all the work. All of the beads and crystals are shades of white, pink, black and gray (if you don’t count it as a shade of black). I love how it all works together with different textures and colors. The hubby was very skeptical as I was putting it all together but he came around in the end. I still want to make a few soldered pieces to add as pendants to some beaded pieces but I’m having time management issues again. I love my new job but the commute is still a beating and when I get home I want to veg out or go to the studio for a few hours… hard to do when you have a bed time! 🙂 Oh well, it’ll work out. Maybe I’ll try to figure out a way to do art riding the train downtown. How many odd looks could I get?

Mail Fairy

I finally got my swaps from the jewelry swap I did a few weeks ago and I got some amazing things. Two pins and a pair of earrings all made using vintagey type images which I love. The pin made of fabric is especially gorgeous. It’s very romantic and remains me of Pride & Prejudice for no good reason but there you go.

Necklace with collage

I used one of my charm frames from Art Chix to make a necklace with some wooden beads I just got. I had hoped to incorporate some golden rice pearls but that didn’t work out and after fighting to string the tiny seed beads I decided to stick with the straight forward approach. I was also have trouble getting an up close photo of the image so I decided to quit while I was ahead. 5:00 am is going to be here soon so I’m heading to bed.

Buddha at a fuzzy angle

Here’s another collage I made this weekend. I was playing around with color and texture but Buddha isn’t translating as well from the scan as I hoped. I may need to try it with the camera. I like the background but I didn’t get a good balance with the mail elements. I tend to like things very sparse or way overboard. I’m working on finding the good middle ground…

Again, I used a mix of acrylic glazes on a gessoed canvas. I used one of my favorite text stamps to create the words and then the red dragonfly stamp was used with the colorbox chalk stamps… fyi, the ink really doesn’t want to dry. I had to use the heat gun and a little clear embossing powder. I love the colors but really need to work on the composition.

Some days are easier than others

I inadvertently took a little art break by becoming swamped at work and by non-art life. I managed to get a couple of collage pieces done but I’m not sure how happy I am with them. I wanted to make something really fun and spring/summerish with memories of school almost being out and 3 months of freedom to ride bikes, swimming in the creek and eating homemade ice cream while chasing fireflies. I don’t think I got there, but it was something different and kind of fun. I used acrylic paint and glaze on a gessoed canvas then wrote all my great summer memories in a word list with a sharpie. I rounded it off with a collaged ice cream cone. I added ribbon and some glitter and pronounced it festive.. not what I have in my mind, but fun with the sharpie was had!

LA Necklace

I bet this necklace when I was in LA a few years ago and loved it but it was too small and I wasn’t sure how to re-cord it so I tricked it up with jump rings and a clasp that I hated. But now, it’s great and back in the form I got it in but in my size! I found some leather cord last night and just played around with tying knots and turns out, it was really easy and I’m kicking myself for having let it go so long! Now I know, knots in leather cord easy figuring out I need to try new things… harder. 🙂